Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lynage: Dawg and Cat

He came into the family yesterday
dressed in his blend into nature skin

 leaping for joy, jumping up on everyone, licking faces, oh so ready to be part of this family
 sporting his "jeans" on his hip pockets showing his true linage to Zeb and Zelda
 but not to be outdone by the birth of Argyle the Cat
 She is definitely a Daddy's Girl
 The whole family had such a fun time on Monday playing together
 laying down the family rules in a family meeting...everyone behaving quite well as one big happy family
and me glad it was only a four day weekend and glad to be going back to work as my nimble
fingers needed a rest from sewing! But it sure was fun.

Dawg: because I'm a huge fan of American Idol and it's a word Randy Jackson, one of the judges, uses a lot. An apparently friendly, affectionate word used to convey a friendly tone toward another being.
Argyle: for more obvious reasons having been created out of a very favorite pair of worn out argyle socks.

You may also have noticed that Zeb has lost his button eyes and nostrils.
This done as a safety factor remembering that little babies and children
might bite on, break or swallow godforbid and choke on buttons!
This will no longer be a concern with these now
child proof dolls.


  1. OMGosh....those are adorable!

  2. Love how you play, Lynn ! Hugs to the whole cute and cozy family !

  3. These are A DOR A BLE...and I LOVE the embroidered eyes and noses much better then the buttons. Cute Cute Cute. Out of a relaxing weekend off came some lovely critters to be loved by one lucky little Girl.

  4. OH!
    What fun! Adorable for sure. You have a great imagination.
    Betting your fingers WERE ready for a break!

  5. These are cute, cuddly animals, Lynn. So perfect for little children. I remember making similar "pets" when I was a kid. Adorable.

  6. You make me crazy, the things you do are amazing. All I can think of now is the socks that I am not wearing...Finley works very hard to get our socks, this could be a real fun thing to make for him. I will share whatever I make on my blog.
    I love your header, again you just make me smile every time I come here, which is almost daily, so you might say I get my Lynn grin!!!!:)

  7. You have created such wonderful characters here Lynn....time to sit back and enjoy.

  8. What a great family. They all have such cute personalities.

  9. I LOVE your sock family. I want to raid my husbands sock closet and create an entire zoo! Unfortunately all his socks are grey....nothing fun at all.


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