Monday, February 20, 2012

Zelda Arrives on The Scene: Match Made in Heaven

was born today... A sweet green polka dotted Crocidile
 with long lashes and...
 with naturally curly hair...
 Just the kind that can attrack a young mans attention!
 Zeb came outside to meet her of course, and they struck up a friendship right away...
 They spent a better part of the afternoon getting to know all about one another...
 And I have to say I could see that Zeb was quite taken by Zelda...
 and in fact she was falling head over heels in love herself it seems...
 that became quite apparent when she gave him a smack on his snout with her ruby red lips...
 Zeb was crazy in love by then...
 and I finally had to leave the room as they were so involved with one another I was hardly noticed at all.
So we say goodbye to Zeb and Zelda as their relationship thickens along with the plot of the story.

All I can say is these were two pairs of my favorite socks that had developed holes and became quite unwearable...but now have become a happy pair of something else all together!


  1. Oh this is too cute Lynn. Love the critters and the story of their bonding is sweet. Great work.

  2. This is so funny,,love your story.Those former socks are
    great,,,I'd miss wearing them, but it's super you could repurpose
    them. Very creative, Lynn!

  3. Well this is a match made in Lynns Heaven.. :) Zelda is adorable and the two of them make a wonderful comfy Pair..Cute cute cute.

  4. I found you!!! I had to come see the sock dolls, oh my gosh so cute!!!!!
    I love these,,

  5. cute post. and now you wont have to make anymore sock dolls. these two will take care of the babies. LOL

  6. how fun!!! I'm sure they have many adventures in store!!!

  7. Adorable! Love their relationship

  8. Lynn, You have been having fun :-). xoxo

  9. Terrific recyling project, Lynn! Love Zelda's curly locks!


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