Sunday, February 19, 2012

Meet Zeb

Zeb is the zebra I made from an old pair of socks on Saturday!
 He wanted to be sure you saw his good side.
 And his svelte waistline and legs.
 This took the better part of an afternoon, reading instructions, sewing by hand, stuffing...patching worn spot on sock; sewing on buttons and making his mane...
 You might call this a bad hair day, but Zeb is perfectly happy with his red tuffs.
His arms have a good wing spread too.
I used part of the second sock to go over the first on his body giving him a collar and long shirt look. 
 Zeb will be going to Allie Bel on my next visit there.


  1. Now that is an ingenious way to use those stray socks. Cute as can be.

  2. adorable. looks like a fun book, i noticed the asian letters on the cover.

  3. Oh how adorable.. She wont swallow a button tho will she? You are going to have lots of fun with that book. I can see it. :))One could make dog toys out of old socks too. hmmmm :)

  4. ADORABLE! Zeb is a the stripes and flaming red hair!!!!!

    Happy to the de Young today....

    Hugs to you and Kiss Henry!!!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. oh my gosh, lynn, zeb is adorable!! so damn cute and wonderful!!!!

    in every way!!!!!

    (i'm grinning)


  6. So adorable!!! I have made my second sock animal...will have to take pics too! I just love them...can't wait to see any more that you make!!! Great job!!!

  7. The buttons are gone, embroidered eyes and nostrils in their places and a wife was found today!

  8. this is wonderful these creatures of socks...and these are quite wonderful socks too. xx

  9. He is co cute, such personality, what a fabulous job.


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