Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Big Drawing Painting Day

If you clean house all morning long and into the early afternoon, even your desk...

 you can paint all evening long till your ...
 hearts content.
So I did!!!!

These were all done from recent personal family photographs, but I do not expect anyone to recognize themselves except in caricature!

They were done in (1) seventeen minutes, (2) 20 minutes, (3) 20 minutes, and (4) 10 minutes.

XS Farber -Castell PITT artist pen, watercolors, luminescent paints too.


  1. This is a nice style of drawing /painting!
    Have to make some time to paint as well...... :)

  2. I love your sketching, very freeing but showing lots of their personality.

  3. I recognize your aunt in the top one, great fun doing these drawings isn't it?

  4. It looks like you have had lots of fun. Eventually they will look like someone you know. :)

  5. Hi Lynn! I do recognize the first one from your previous post! And I like very much how you capture people's personalities in such a short time!

  6. You are really getting good at this quick sketch technique - I see character in each sketch, I'm betting the people would recognize themselves to some degree. It's fun to watch you embrace your painting time and I love to see the variety of mediums and styles you can do.

  7. I too recognized the first person from your previous days posting. You had a well earned painting session.

  8. glad you had your hearts content in the evening, doing all these portraits. I heard recently that the building in which Al Hirshfield's portrait/ paintings were housed is to be either closed or demolished and wondered what would happen to his artworks.

    I recently cleaned my own house very thoroughly for the cat sitter, who for 20 dollars, will stay overnight. as I cancelled my trip, I still end up with a nice clean house so that is good. I always vowed that cleaning house would not be a big thing in my life, but you gotta do it once in awhile, LOL

  9. Love the first one. I recognize her. :) Fun to get a reward for cleaning. Keep up the drawing. Its fun seeing what you come up with.

  10. Goodness Lynn! you are getting quick at these. Good work!


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