Friday, February 10, 2012

Jalisco's In Color

 This is my lunch at Jalisco's: One fish taco and half an order of guacamole. They really do make the best guacamole in town. I love lime on everything. What's missing here is the tall glass of water in the red glass (you can see some on the other tables below) and the chips in the red basket. But this is what I order every time I eat there. They know me now, they know what I want and they know I know how much it costs. So when I go up to the counter to pay afterwards even if I don't have the exact correct change they smile and say "That's okay!"  They make me feel very special.
The guy and gal at the table above my lunch table were with two other fellows. But they were so close to me and facing me I did not have the guts to draw them too. One of the guys kept looking at me as it was. But I wish I could have been more comfortable about drawing them as they both had arms full of very arty tattoos. One started at the elbow with a huge spider web. How I would have loved to draw that! So instead I drew that woman at another table, also with her back to me. I need a booth with a curtain I can peek out of where no one can see me but I can see them to draw freely.

I painted this when I got home last night.

I thought about writiing on this page too. Last night I was reading Danny Gregory's book of Illustrated Art Journals by him and many other artists. I read about a different artist each night. So many varities of drawing and painting and journaling. I thought I might add words to this page. But when I looked at it again this morning I decided not to. I know the picture does not tell the whole story I was able to write here. But do I want to change the look by adding story in words or are the pictures enough as is? What do you think?


  1. I think I like your drawings with color best. You bring such rich colors to your work. No words are needed...You tell your story with the drawings and color.

  2. You know that saying "a picture is worth 1,000 words" but of course what's missing in your painting would also be missing in the story too. (Hey, what about wearing uber dark sunglasses?) I have a hard time writing anything on my drawings, I feel the words take away from the picture...but that's me. I too am enjoying that book, there's some wonderful journals out there. Love your sharp colors.

  3. You could always put the story on the blank page facing it... As long as it doesn't show thru to the picture on other side. Post it notes are good too. Cris in Oregon..

  4. Hi Lynn, do you know, I think Jalisco's would go out of business without you...and btw we would miss your drawings. What a pity you didn't brave sketching the tatoo people, what fun that would have been (not that I particularly like tatoos you understand, but I am fascintated by the designs).

  5. I like both. Pages without words and pages with words. I'll have too look up that book, it sounds interesting. I'd love to sit down with you and have a fish taco too and chat.

  6. I also like both ways - I think it depends on the picture and how you feel that day etc. DG does amazing work and has been at it for years, so has probably developed a knack of when to write and when not to. Just keep up your drawing and painting - you'll know when to write

  7. I think you should do what you want to do. Some pictures demand an editorial others stand alone. Have a great weekend.

  8. Yeah,,,,you'll know what's right,,,,wen to write. Or not.
    And I kinda like Cris's suggestion of reserving the opposite page
    for writing.
    I'll have the guacamole, hold the fish taco....please!
    Cool sketches.

  9. i don't know about words on this painting, but i'd like to see what you come up with adding words to some painting! you can embed and hide words too....

    the colors here are so simply fresh, lynn. i really like.

    but be careful!! i keep thinking some diner is going to bop you one if they catch you drawing them!



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