Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stories in Watercolor and Ink. Ink and no Watercolor

I am very attracted to this knitted cowl. I offered to knit it for my daughter as I thought she'd
look stunning in it, but I never got a response to my query as to whether she'd like it or not.
So I painted it instead. S'okay, it looked like it might not be that easy to knit.

And sometimes I just need to draw something simple like my basket full of yarns waiting to be turned into something pretty or functional or fun.

If you have a knitting story or a painting or drawing story you'd like to tell I'd be happy to hear it.


  1. Hi Lynn, I just love your yarn drawing! Since the name of my blog is "the thread" it figures! :)

  2. Simple??.. that basket of yarn is anything but simple. that and your Girl are wonderful drawings.. you are getting better and better with each drawing. Keep it up.

  3. I love your basket of yarn. I should learn how to do some little things like caps and socks since I love what others do. Right now I am trying to get back to doing something, so right now it is cards. I love to make them. I am working on a quilted bag, slow but sure. I will share it when done. Have a wonderful day, Mary

  4. I don't think that basket of yarn looks simple. Great drawings. I have no great yarns to tell.

  5. Love!!! Great work my friend! Not much to tell, I'm trying to paint every keeps me happy. Hugs to you.
    Jenny :)

  6. the basket of yarn drawing, I agree, does not seem simple. It is fab. I like this for your logo.

  7. you are always so prolific! and getting better and better with all your practice. your talent in pen and ink is quite obvious, that yarn is wonderful!

    thank you for your kind comment on bella. she is a dear dog. xoxox

  8. hello lynn, hahahaha, my daughter doesn't answer me either! as for your ball of yarn, it rocks!


  9. Yarn and I don't go together. I have, for the record, once crocheted a baby blanket for my first grandchild. And then I gave the rest of my yarn away. Funny thing I enjoyed it while I was doing it, but could never get myself to do it again...I guess I prefer brushes. It seems like work to me, not relaxing and fun!

  10. These are both fab, I tried drawing yarn once and was not happy with it. You have captured it very well.


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!