Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Day After Valentine's Day...and Animal Wednesday

 A sweet evening it was with DH coming home with three beautiful red roses between his teeth, (his arms were full of his school books and mail) and me giving him the portrait I'd painted of him that morning. He said I made him look better than he  does!  It's nice to still have romance in our lives 32 years into our loving relationship.

Henry could have cared less as he mapped out his territory in the backyard where old vines and bushes had been torn down and cut back recently leaving him what must look like a cat box from heaven.

On Sunday we found these birds at the pier in San Francisco near the Golden Gate bridge.

 I looked and looked, but nary a pelican could I find on this fine day! Wonder where they were?
 Just sea gulls flying high as the sunny day turned dark...
 right before it was time for us to fly on home.


  1. Awwwwwww what a sweetie to bring you Roses. and between his teeth too. I sure hope there were no thorns. lol Yes that drawing is great of him and I love all the other animal photos..especially Henry. HAW

  2. Hey there Lynn! We missed each other at Crissy Field by a few days!!! Next time you and your DH come down, we must try and coordinate!

    Love the Valentine's Gifts you exchanged...and Henry.....what a face! What paws!!!

    Great Gull Photos! I was lucky enough to *meet* a Peli and some Seals...but no Black Birds! Adorable shots!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Love your photographs and also the painting you have done of your DH, very good.

  4. HAW Lynn. So glad you had a great Valentines Day.

  5. Lovely valentines day gifts - your painting of DH is great! Love Henry on your header too, he has a priceless expression on his face!

    We get pelicans around our area too. They can look so comical sometimes!

  6. You make me smile, you are a very special lady. DH had no choice but to get his fair lady flowers. Happy everyday, Mary

  7. I love that pic of your DH - it looks just like his photo. Brave girl you are, I haven't yet done a pic of my hubby.

    Happy Henry!! I'm sure he would have loved to see all those birds

  8. Awesome likeness of your DH!
    And these birds,,,oooooh, my, I love the black ones!
    Henry makes me smile,,,really big!
    (and you paint him so well!)

    Okay, now to prove I'm not a robot,,here goes!

  9. Lovely birds and DH, but that Henry makes me smile big always !


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