Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yesterday and The Day Before Yesterday and Today!

A journal page from yesterday speaks for itself I believe:

On Sunday we took our nephew Allen back to SF  which produced another journal page done in the car on the way to the City.

We arrived at the San Francisco International Airport and said our goodbyes at the curb. It was a short but very very sweet visit.

The DH and I drove through the City and I took some photos of things that interested us.
I'll let the angels on this beautiful church front signify my Valentine Day wishes to you all.
It somehow felt loving to did the hug above it.

I am always enamoured by design and textures seen above on the church front and below on the pier pilings.

Choices for lunch could have been these Franks on the water front served up by these happy friendly folks with their lovely smiles...

But instead we chose our favorite spot there a few feet away: The Warming Hut where DH had an organic tuna sandwich and I had a curried chicken salad on very fresh lettuce. Really delicious.
On the way  home we came across this old rusted out Ford truck being towed in front of us. I got some photos of it as I would love to paint and draw it. It was in such fine condition for just the kind of painting I have in mind.  It's also red, another color for Valentine's Day. If you are enamoured of this idea hug somebody or hug yourself and have a loving day!

I think I'll go and hug this guy. He just happens to be


  1. Great post for Valentines Day. I hope you and your Valentine have a great day.

  2. Have a great hug and a great day. love that truck. i love old pickup trucks and the photo is fabulous. is there an inorganic tuna? arent they all "organinc" ??

  3. Beautiful photos and lve your journal pages !!!

  4. Fun post here.. Love the journal pages. I can see Danny Gregorys infuence here. Fun..and all the photos are great espcially the old truck. I look forward to what you do with it. oh and I finally did see your name in Seths blog. One had to look for it within the writing. Bravo on that too.

  5. Busy day! Hope you had a lovely evening with your special guy


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