Friday, February 24, 2012

Jalisco's In Living Color

I actually did the third black and white drawing (below) first yesterday at Jalisco's and thought
that was enough; but then this woman came in with her huge flaming red/purple hair

 They sat in the table just in front of mine...Oh so close and her facing me; but I did it...and no idea if she knew what I was doing or not...the top picture looks more like her ... this second one I drew her friend first and then quickly added her in as an after thought or when I got brave enough to do it with her sometimes starring my way.
 The couple on the right in this drawing (below)  are regulars and I draw them a lot. The little woman in the foreground is new to me. She had on a long full skirt, was very short...I like how I captured her. The four guys could be any four guys at a table there. It's such a popular lunch spot for local working folks.
I got there a little after noon. Got my now favorite table in the back facing the windows and watched the place quickly fill up every single table. By the time I was ready to go there was only one other woman left picking up food to go...all the tables were empty and cleared off. Carlos, who was working said, "Yes, that's how it goes. That was the first wave."
BTW Carlos greeted me with a hug, which absolutely positively made my day!!!!

Ink and watercolors and iridescent paints (for her red purple hair)

My friend Lisa had her 4 hr surgery yesterday. I spoke with her on the phone after and she sounded strong and well. She joins me in thanking you all for your good wishes for her recovery.


  1. Oh I LOVE the flaming red/purple hair Lady.. She is my favorite now. Very good...More fun drawings here too. So glad Lisa is doing well after the surgery. Hope it keeps improving daily.

  2. I, too, love the flaming hair!
    Jalisco's is going to start charging you rent!
    How fabulous you've found a friendly place to sketch!
    Happy for your friend and her surgery!

  3. What great hair...wonder if this lady will end up sketched regularly!

  4. That hair is gorgeous! Wonderful how you captured the people at Jalisco's, every single one has his/her individual expression - gorgeous.

  5. I love your latest blog banner. And of course, I love this scene that could have been in any home town cafe/restaurant in any city. Very nicely done.

  6. wow - that lady's hair is really something! love the colors you used,

  7. Thanks friends! Glad my "lady" is a hit!

  8. You are really very good with expressions .... It is very hard to capture personality the way you have! Great work! Or should I say, "play?"

  9. Great sketches, Lynn! Love the hair! :) Glad your friend is doing well!

  10. OMG I love the truck in your header! So much character! Love them all Lynn, keep it up!

  11. The purple hair lady is wonderful! She looks eccentric and like she'd be fun to know and hang out with at an art fair or something - I sometimes imagine what people's lives are like and I imagine her having fun in everything she does because she doesn't let anything stop her! Glad to hear your friends surgery went well and that she is positive.

  12. These are great!
    Have a lovely Sunday ♥


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