Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Girl On The Block and Springing Spring Blossoms

My friend Lori in Canada is going through a particularly difficult time in her life
right now and she saw my dolls and said she'd really like to have one.
SO I made her this Curly Redhaired gal in her argyle sweater!
Lori has curly redhair too!

 She wears a neck muff for warmth, as it's still snowy and cold where Lori lives; and has long red eyelashes that contrast nicely with her green ears!
 She likes posing for the camera for her close ups!
She is made from three different socks.
 She liked hanging out in my garden, but will hop a plane to Canada tomorrow so she can smile at Lori and make her smile in return!
 Speaking of my garden the dwarf peach tree has burst into full bloom and has a dazzling display of blossoms that I am enjoying!

 If you squint just right you can see Henry walking behind the tree here. He likes rubbing up against its low growing branches.

 I liked seeing it's shadows on the fence.

Pretty huh? Happy Sunday!


  1. ADORABLE!!! She will LOVE IT. Love how you customized it to her. :) Love the Fruit tree blooms. We havent started blooming out here yet.. but soon. I can see the buds coming on. Fun post.

  2. Hi Lynn, I'm loving your creations, and I reckon your friend will be delighted with hers. As for the blossom photos, wow! we haven't got that just yet, but hope it will not be too long now, lovely pics to cheer us - thank you.

  3. Fun puppets and how lovely that blossom! Oh how wonderful Spring is already there where you live! I guess we have to wait a little more..........

  4. Your sock creatures are so full of love Lynn. They make me smile too. This one will be full of warmth when it arrives in Canada. Your trees and shrubs are so pretty. It makes me think of spring and beautiful things to come.

  5. cute animal but oh those blossoms!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    I responded to your wonderful compliment over at The 20 Minute Challenge however I'm not sure it will get to you! I don't seem to get notices about comments from that blog, only from my own. So, thank you so much for your lovely words. I am super happy to inspire artists just as they inspire me!! I love the way you draw! And it turns out... you can make adorable dolls too!
    Have a great week.

  7. what a sweet present for your friend. and a delight to see sprinG!!!!!


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