Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Miss in Red Coat and Hat Graces New Art Journal

This from a book of knitwear for children. I liked this sweet knit coat and hat and will save the pattern for when my newest grand child is about three or four years old. Won't she look smart in this?

She salutes the beginning of a new art journal gracing it's very first page: Canson; Montval; All-Media; 50 pages, 9" X 12", 90 LB paper; made in USA.
I drew it in ink first, then painted it in watercolor. The paper held the wet paint well. No curling.  I like the way it turned out.

First pages in drawing/painting journals seem to be easier for me than last pages. I ruined a drawing on the last page of journal just completed. Reminding myself that I am still a novice at this?


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Only a human animal on Animal Wednesday.
But Henry sends his best; he's well.


  1. Human animals are just fine,! I have old knitting books from my grandma with some great pieces, all on size 1 or 2 needles. I thin it would take me years to knit that little coat and hat.

  2. Cute little girl. I am surprised you aren't inspired to knit that little coat just because it is so cute.

  3. cute. you know, to me the purpose of a journal is to play and sketch and try out things and the pages dont have to be "perfect" or coalesce even. there is no "ruined" there is just process and learning. have you seen the journals of Leonardo da Vinci and others ?

  4. Excellent first page of your new journal. My eyes are drawn to the little girls cheerful face. I agree with sukipoet, there are no bad pages, to me those pages are only artistic style variations and experiments. :) I'll be taking my new Stillman & Birn Alpha on my beach adventure today. Hopefully, the change of scenery will get my through my first page jitters.

  5. This is so adorable. You are doing faces so well these days. I love her mouth and eyes.

  6. First..hello Henry at top of blog!!! Sweet!
    This little girl is adorable Lynn!!!


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