Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More One Liners in Ink then Paint

 Sunday afternoon was perfect for sitting on the back patio and drawing in ink our Redwood corner in the backyard...not lifting the pen is a challenge I am starting to enjoy! (Thanks to Nora for the idea/challenge).

And then I painted it using watercolors.
I do lift the brush when I paint, have to to change colors!!!
 This fine fish lady and friend is a flat metal sculpture in a planter full of succulent plants my cousin Judy gave me. While I am giving credit my friend Kathy gave me the fish lady years ago as a gift too.
 This too was done (fish lady, not the plants) without lifting the pen from the page.
And then I painted her with watercolors


  1. Very good Lynn. Love the continueous line drawings and the colors . love them both.

    1. Thanks Cris. The continuous line is fun to do.

  2. Lynn, I can tell you're having fun with your drawing – it comes through in them. They are fun to look at! I especially enjoy these garden drawings.

    Have you heard about the Sketchbook Project? I think you'd enjoy being involved in it! Here's the link:


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