Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened To Me At...

the bakery yesterday. I went in for lunch
I did my best to draw this guy but he kept getting up and going inside for something and then again, and then again. He was driving me nuts!
Then he got up and left! Oh well.
So these are good examples of my not so great drawings!

Then I went outside, sat in the sun, and was entertained by watching and quickly sketching little children playing in the square, climbing stairs and rocks...they were all about age 2-4 yrs old.

Again, not my best, Nora would have done these much better, but it was quick and fun!
And I got to sit in the sun!
For that I am grateful.
Remember Grateful Thursdays?


  1. Great sketches, Lynn! I love the little children!

  2. Well done Lynn!...all that movement from the kids must have been really difficult to keep up with.

  3. It looks like you were having fun people watching. :)

  4. Love the # 36 Story!

    Even when you think your sketches are 'not so good'
    they are better than a lot of us could do.
    Each one is a success, in that you are in the moment,
    and on the quest.Good for you!

  5. Lynn, I love your little children ... very sweet! congrats on being published too...

    have you come to see if you can see my painting? I am posting here under WP! yay!

  6. that is would I would call very active people watching :)
    ... and what you think is not so good - is really quite wonderful :)

  7. lovely to sit in the sun and sketch. moving models are the hardest, but the children picture really conveys their excitement with life.

  8. Good stuff! Isn't it always the way that previously inanimate 'models' start twitching and moving as soon as pen has been set to paper. It's as if they know they're being watched!

  9. Love those kids. you got movement in your drawing and I can tell what they are doing. Good job.

  10. These are wonderful, Lynn! I love how you capture people just being people. Such a distinctive style you have!


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