Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cat and Birds: Henry's Yard

I looked out my kitchen window
through the blinds
and saw Henry in front of the Camellia bush
 and then I noticed two blue birds sitting on top of HIS FENCE...
 One bird looked this way...with a worm in his mouth...
 And so did Henry...(without a worm in his mouth)...
 the other bird looked that way with hopes of sharing that worm...
Henry was not all that interested in the worm. In fact he was pretty oblivous to the birds too.
The birds
hung out a while longer exchanging the worm before
they flew away...
and then Henry called it a day*  and  took a nap in his yard.

*He called it Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Hi Lynn, I'm loving these little birds, we don't get these over here, so for me they are a wonderful sight...and so glad Henry didn't get them! Like your painting of the garden with the bird on the fence and how you have used the background sky for the colour of the bird too, very good!

  2. Henry is so entertaining. He looked quite Kingly sitting in his garden. HAW.

  3. those beautiful birds! I have never seen a bluebird for real. maybe Henry is just getting old. so glad he didnt get the birds.

  4. wow.. LOVE the blue birds. They arent like the ones we have up here from you. Ours have rust color on the bellies. I will have to look them up and see what species they are. Great shots you got. Henry is adorable as usual.

  5. Oh that face! Henry you say it all with one look. Lovely photos of the birds too and a charming watercolor. xoxo

  6. Henry looked like he was more interested in enjoying the sun ...lovely pics of the birds what sort are they ?....xx

  7. Lynn, every time I see Le Roi Henry, I almost visialise a Golden Crown on his furry head!!! Love his *Courtiers* - wearing their Court Suits of Blue!!!! Happy Henry did not say "Off with their Heads"....(or the Worm's for that fact)!

    Wonderful, expressive photos!
    The sketch is nice too! You are definitely mastering the art!

    Kiss the King!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Those bluebirds are so pretty - I'd love to see one! Henry continues to look so regal!

  9. are so cute! The birds are so beautiful...great close ups, Lynn!

  10. Wonderful, I like them all though are my favorite bird.


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