Monday, March 26, 2012

Henry and His Domain

Done on Sunday...first paint splashed wet on wet...then drawn in ink, more paint added then more ink.

That's our Cat!
Henry V

Hey, It's Cactus Monday!
 Succulents that keep on giving...given to me originally from my cousin Judy with the real green thumb!
Soaking up rain water.
 Also from Judy with signs of new life...
 Also from Judy! Thanks Judy for all these pretties in my patio garden.
 Yes, and this one too!
 I planted the camellias years ago...they remind me of my mom, who always had them in her garden.
 Yellow bush coming back after having been freed when the gardeners took down all the vines that had buried it.

 Signs of new life on my fig tree too, hopefully with promise of a bountiful summer ahead.

These bushes cover our garbage and recycle cans on the side of the house. I like the red against the blue sky.

This I may have mentioned before is an black obsidian rock with a circa 1970's lady vase leaning against it. The rock is a marker for the resting place of our former cat, Brand. He lived to be 14 in this house and yard. When we brought him here as a new kitten his name was Brand New Cat. The Brand stuck. He was orange. And deeply loved.

And this is one of three very tall Redwood trees in this corner...Henry loves to scratch on them.
They were planted by us in 1988, the year we moved into this then new home.

Enjoy your day.
Hope you find time to be creative!
Hope I do too!


  1. Excellent job of Henry!! love all the succulents. It is Cactus Monday after all. :)
    That bush with the Red on it is called Photina. we have them all around the back fence for privacy. they can get to a tree if you let them go as we have one out front too but we keep them cut low so they are more fence like and keep thick in the middle. A lovely marker for Brand too.

  2. Lynn, what a lovely post! First - Henry V....I would know those Green Eyes and that intelligent expression anywhere!

    I loved seeing the new blooms and buds that definitely show Spring is here! (Still very cold and wet here....but, this morning, during our one day rain-free, the birds are serenading me....

    Loved to hear about *Brand*....I was so moved...and what a lovely resting place you and your DH have honoured him with!

    Those Redwood Trees....ah, the PURRFECT scratching post for the King!

    Big hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. your cat is magnificent! i just love how he turned out!

    and of course your yard is gorgeous. mine is void of goodness currently but you just keep inspiring me to get myself into action and beautify once and for all. and you better believe i will be including some eryngiums! thank you heaps for all of the wonderful inspiration.


  4. Lots of pretties around your yard. I love succulents and yours are very nice. I especially like that lady vase. Just beautiful.

  5. Henry is such a handsome guy no matter how he is presented. Love your succulents. I have been doing most of my creating outside right now. Working in the garden. Such a beautiful early spring for us. HCM.

  6. Henry is a good poser :)

    your garden area looks so warm and sunny - and I love the redwood tree - I see those every once in a while towering above someone's home, and I think to myself, "they brought that from california" :)

  7. LOVE all these beautiful succulents and gorgeous other plants. Spring has certainly arrived by you.

  8. Great likeness of HV Lynn! I love succulents. You have a nice variety. And the marker for sweet.

    I really need to paint Henry one day!

    happy week :)


  9. Love this mixture and with a wonderful beginning with Henry V to draw us in.

  10. As Spring is here, all the shots here look so lovely and gorgeous!
    The tree that you have planted since 1988 is so huge now. Great rewards with gardening!

    Happy Spring!

  11. Gorgeous photos and a wonderful drawing of Henry V!
    Happy Weekend!


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