Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mr Blue Bird On My Shoulder...Well...

On my back fence actually...and drawn from the photo I took of him last week.

 It's as though I am making my very own coloring I then continued to paint the drawing !

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!


And for those who recall my posting that purple flower I now know it's name:
I showed in on the very end of this blog post.


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you do such a good job on these. This is my favorite so far. but then you know I love birds. you color so well. :)) you could make coloring books. :))

  2. such a beauty! I rarely see a bluebird here so this was a delight to see today!

  3. Hi Lynn! Amazing blue color! We don't have blue birds (or bluebirds) over here, so he looks like a fairy tale bird to me. But I saw the photo, so I know he is real. :) I love him!

  4. Yes that blue is startling- cereleun blue? What watercolours do you use, they are marvellous.

    1. Dear watercolors do not have names. Well, perhaps they do, but they are not written anywhere in my watercolor tin. It's a tin of paints I found (new) at a garage sale some time ago. The cover says:
      Transparent Watercolours under which is written: Aquarelverf/Aquarelle/Aquarellfarbe/Acuarela which I am guessing says Watercolors in four different languages. I see to the side of the top it says they came from Holland! The colors do have numbers I just noticed so perhaps there was a chart with names to go with the numbers. The blue I used is number 501. The colors are circles set in squares and the plastic squares, which look to be about 1" square, pop out separately leading me to believe that they could be replaced with new colors. Or refills. When I turn the tin box over I see I paid $2.99 cents for these paints! I think I got a very good deal.

  5. Lynn, I love this one, being partial to birds I perk up anytime I see one, I always love you watercolor pieces.

  6. I'm incredibly impressed by your bird. I love birds and this one is adorable. Way to go! I love how you said you are creating your own coloring book. And a better one you could not have created.

  7. Lynn, your bluebird is gorgeous!!!You should make cards out of this one! I love it!Deb

  8. actually i especially like the line drawing before the color. but love the colored one too. both have different appeal.


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