Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Art of Being A Grandparent!

We met up yesterday at the baseball field for practice (his not ours) although we may show up at some games too later on.
These 7 year olds have talent!
They hit, they throw, they catch, they run, they score!
It's all pretty amazing.
 My grandson  is a little guy, but he has a lot of power and he is very athletic!
 I was very very impressed with the coaches. They are dads of the players and they have patience! They were kind and caring, good teachers too! The kids listened and learned and had great team spirit.
One girl on this team of boys. And ALL these kids went to preschool together even though they are mostly at different schools now. So it was sweet to see them all back together again as a team. There is a small group of triplets on this team as well! All 3!
 After baseball practice my daughter and I went off alone for a bit to shop. There is a humongous Joanne's store in their town that I didn't mind getting lost in at all. She was picking up some things for Purim costumes for the kids, which I helped make later in the evening.
My grand son worked with me to sew a crocodile sock doll from a kit I had given them for Chanukah.
He is taking a sewing class for art at school now too!
 My grand daughter had her own adventure she went on earlier with a friend's family. But got home in time for us to enjoy being together too. We turned a pair of her pants into a penguin suit for her costume. (I brought my sewing machine there).

 After taking them out to dinner for a good Chinese meal we came back to the house for ice cream.
The parents had gone out for the evening so it was up to us to get them ready for bed.
 Well they are of an age now where they get themselves ready for bed with out our supervision. PJ's, teeth brushing, etc. And then we settle on the couch for reading a story. This book was about a Chinese Nun who was a teacher of Kung Fu in it's most traditional Zen sense. The children have studied China in school already so we were sharing facts back and forth about that country. It was quite interesting and I learned things from them I did not know.
Just a delightful time all told!

These beautiful flowers were on the coffee table

I had never seen this one before; My son in law had bulbs he had purchased
at Costco and is going to plant them outdoors in his garden.
I think I may go get some for mine. So pretty.
Happy Sunday
Happy Spring

The correct name for this flower is:  Eryngium and can be seen here:


  1. It sounds like you had the best visit with your Grands. lucky that you get to be with them often. Isn't the bluish flower Sea Holly?? I have seen it before but am unable to grow it if that is it.

  2. Any day with the grands is a beautiful perfect day, just like yours!

  3. Fun time with the Grands. They are growing so fast. Isnt it fun whent the Grandkids can teach us something. We are never to old to learn..:))Glad you had a nice time and there is always some Art involved.

  4. So fun, aren't they! Our Jack just finished up basketball. We only missed one game,and I don't even like basketball. You're right about the coaches. I really think they enjoy it as much as the kids.
    Another great time with the Grandkids,,,,nothing better!
    I feel so fortunate to be in the same area, watching him grow, being involved with his activities.
    Lucky you too!

  5. Seems like you had a great time and so did the kids
    beautiful flower pictures♥

  6. Oh my gosh, they've gotten so big! And so long and lean!

    While I agree that you are lucky to be able to spend time with them, I think that they are even luckier to get to spend time with you... I've always loved seeing the craft projects you do with them, and the time--the time--is so important. One of the best things my dad did (and I can tell you do this too) is when he was with my kids, he was completely there with them. He wasn't thinking about what he was going to do next, he was just in the moment, like they were...

    It seems to me that you, your daughter, and your grand-daughter all share a very strong resemblance...

  7. What a fun day with the grands and your daughter too! I actually love bedtime here when my DIL is at work. We read and talk and laugh. It is a special time. Hope we can see those Purim costumes all finished and on!!! Hey...that last purple flower came out of a bulb??? I must find out it's name...just beautiful!!!


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