Saturday, March 3, 2012

Member Art Show Shows My Victorian House Paintings

I waited until the last day of the art show to go see my own art hanging and I was happy to see both paintings were given good spots on the walls. You can see my "Gingerbread Victorian" second from the left, top row here. (perhaps if you click on the photo you can see it larger) I apologize for all the glass glare from lights and outdoor sunshine.

 And here is my wonky "White Victorian"...They both were very proud to be in this show!
 I loved this artist, Abi Eastor, who did the photo above of all the doors with "do not do this and that" signs called "Don't Even Think About It"... She also did the very Zentangle below.
 I liked this guys work too, that all seemed to have broken and mended hearts with a very psychological theme running through them. He had quite a few of these in the show.
 And of course I enjoy seeing 'my teacher' (from that one 4 hour workshop I attended a year or so ago) David Peterson's watercolor and ink paintings...he had two or three in the show as well.
 This I took for the oil painters among you...
 and another by Abi Eastor called "All Red"...she has quite the eye and camera lens for great pictures....
 This is hers as well.
 Great portrait!
 You have to be recognizing David's style by now...
My computer automatically puts my "artbylynn" stamp on everything I upload so be sure you realize that it means I took the photos of this art and not that all the art itself is mine. Only the two Victorian houses at top are my art.

So another good show comes to an end. What will I enter next time around?
What art are you making today?


  1. Well Phooey. I wrote a nice eloquent comment,pressed publish and it said conflicting something or other and I lost it. I said something about being in good company of this show.. your work looked great. Also I love that whonky first Victorian you did with the other one a close Second. Glad you finally got to the show. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am about to do some art for a garden party invitation. How nice that your houses are in this show. I love seeing all of the art. Very inspirational.

  3. great show! Good to see your two houses there among so many other lovely works. Thanks for sharing some of the other artists too. So many talented people.

  4. this is great, lynn, you have every reason to be proud. i love seeing all these works, you teacher is also very talented.

    and oh your header! what a fantastic rendering of a beat up truck. i love it


  5. What a great Show to be a part of, and your paintings look good framed up and hanging there proudly. It is a buzz to be a part of exhibitions. As for 'what art am I making today', well I'm doing another sunset!! I know you are thinking I have only just done one (plus it isn't finished yet), but I couldn't help but get on with another version....may post about it at some point.

  6. You are such a groovy Mamma Lynnie. And certainly living life to the full! I love that about you!

  7. Oh, Lynn, your houses looked beautiful in the show!!! You should be so proud of your wonderful work!!! All of the works you highlighted here by others are so great too!!! I just think doing what you do must be so gratifying. Very cool!!!

  8. all that artwork is great, and your stuff looks wonderful - you brave lady!

  9. How exciting! Your pieces look lovely. I'm with Cris--I love your "wonky" Victorian!

  10. How wonderful it is to see your art hanging up there Lynn! You deserve to be amongst all those other lovely artists!!

    I'm playing in my journal, an elephant actually LOL!!From my imagination, not in my back yard!

  11. Nice art show. Thanks for showing us around. How flattering that you could be included. I do like David's work.

  12. It is exciting to see your art hanging up there with all the other artists. And David's work is very recognizable - I like his style. I bet he was a good teacher.


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