Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rainy Sunday Is Okay With Me!

Rain drops are falling on my yellow freesias

 my lavender plants
 and my Japanese Tea Flowers...

If you know other names (more correct names for these feel free to enlighten me)...
I just know it's bright, colorful and very very pretty in our front walk way right now.

Happy Sunday

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  1. Hi Lynn, You have such beautiful flowers, and what great photos of them.

  2. I am not familiar with these flowers. They are beautiful no matter what you call them.

  3. your photos are like eye candy to these winter weary eyes,

  4. I love the rain drops on the flowers. Looks so pretty. My Mom loved freesias and I planted them for her when she was sick so she could enjoy them. I think the smells are awesome. I Love Lavender too. I can smell it all right now. :))

  5. It's okay with me as well!!!
    Your flowers are so beautiful, vibrant colors = gorgeous!

  6. I can imagine living in CA some rain is welcome every now and then. Here in Holland we have too much sometimes. Right now the weathe has been fine for a while.
    Love those pink flowers!
    have a nice Sunday dear ♥

  7. Pretty flowers, even in the rain. I love freesias. I haven't had them for a few years. Maybe this is the summer to have them again. Our flowers aren't blooming this much yet. It's good to see yours.

  8. This must be heaven to have all these colors on your front yard. Beautiful!!!

  9. It snowed here today so its lovely seeing your signs of spring, beautiful photos.

  10. Wonderful pictures. We are all enjoying the rainy days, here. The pasture is flooded and the chickens are cold! This morning found snow all over the hills surrounding us--lovely.

    All I have blooming right now is the daffodils my dad sent me from Michigan when Richard and I moved here and the amazingly scented winter-blooming honeysuckle bush.

  11. Colours to make your heart sing! Gorgeous!


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