Monday, March 19, 2012

Remembering Cactus Monday

On Sunday
I did some drawing in the morning, and then later in the afternoon I drew this:
the jade plant
on my back patio.

This is one of several I have, all from cuttings from my dear aunt Mimi's huge plant.
It's sweet to have plants that remind you of people you love.

I drew it through the dark screen on the back sliding patio door.
The details I like the most are the red tips on the green leaves;
and the blue paint encrusted glass table top
from a couple of years ago
summer painting of fabric on gelatin molds
for an art quilt I was making.

The wicker chair was fun to draw too.

I'm not positive about the perspective
but I guess it works.
You tell me!

Have a productive

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  1. Fun sketch Lynn. When I first looked at a thumbnail size picture of it I thought the plant was in a basket. When I made the picture bigger I could see the chair. HCM.

  2. love jade plants. havent had one in awhile. have a great week as spring unflods.

  3. IT works beautifully,,, it is nice to have her cuttings, a little memory keeper for you that will grow huge!

  4. I used to have one of those plants when living in CA. you did a great job on it. I love Memory gardens. I brought a few plants up here from CA when we moved one is from my Aunts garden she used to have. They are my memories.Most lived too.

  5. suki, i can give you cuttings!!

    lynn, great job. i have some plants with memories too. one is not so good a memory, but the plant itself thrives :^)


  6. I love the wonky truck in your header.
    The green jade plant is beautiful and I am like you and love thinking about love ones when I see a plant.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. When I see you Lynn, I just want to reach out and give you a hug. You are one of those special people in the blog world!!!

    Perspective? I am not sure about the wicker chair.
    But the plant is perfect.

  7. I have a huge jade plant in Wis that has survived for so many years I have to keep cutting it back. My neighbor keeps it watered all winter, once a month.

    And on Cactus Monday! how fun is that!!


  8. This is simply adorable. I love this cactus. You draw SO well, as always, I'm totally impressed. WOW, is it still Monday? I'm not too late, then.

  9. Lovely One ! I have several plants that remind me of my Bubbie, my grandmother. She had such a green thumb for house plants. I know I got that from her.

    Love the watercolor !
    Happy Tuesday !

  10. The colours and composition are all fantabulous.

  11. Plants definitely remind me of people! Lovely vibrant sketch Lynn!


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