Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Busy Three Days!

On Thursday night we visited the Kensington Circus Pub to eat dinner and listen to outstanding musicians play Blue Grass music!
I spent time sketching quickly to the fast paced music!

We spent the night at my daughter's house as it was strategically placed for us between the music night event and our plans for the next day to travel further south to visit a friend.

The next morning we got up and learned our grand kids did not have school
so we took them out to breakfast at Fat Apples.
They each ate a huge apple pancake and we had fun and good talks.
I even got them to smile for the camera for once
not just funny faces!

We dropped them off at their play day place and continued on to Scotts Valley/Santa Cruz area to visit our friends, Lisa and Jack. We spent four hours there, I hope not wearing them out...talked and talked, enjoyed the ambiance of their lovely home, the sunny day, and even took a walk in their woody area where they live.

Lisa and I met on line ten years ago. She's been to our home twice and this is the second time I am visiting her in her area. Actually the first time I met her live was when I was visiting another blog site friend in this same area.

We returned home that evening, got some much needed sleep, and then got up to go to Stockton, to celebrate Pesach/Passover with our family there!

Still a joy to be with Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi.

Our Seder table held 19. We enjoyed being together, reading from the Haggada, the story of the Jews being released from bondage/slavery in Egypt; reenacting meaningful rituals and eating the ritual foods; and eating a most delicious dinner we all contributed to. But just being together is the best part of all.

We drove home feeling full of both food and love of family as drove into the setting sun.

I am wishing you all a happy and full filling Spring season, whatever you celebrate; even if it is simply the celebration of life itself!


  1. what a wonderful wonderful time you had, your celebration sounds so beautiful, I love your rituals and traditions, thankyou so much for sharing with us all!

  2. It must have been so nice to meet your friend, see your family and also have a great meal. Thank you Lynn for sharing this personal time with us, it has been interesting to hear plus see your lovely photographs.

  3. What a beautiful post, Lynn! Such a grand 2 days!!! Happy Passover to you and your family!

  4. Looks like you had a busy few fun filled days. Fun sketches to help remember the evening of music too.

  5. Lovely weekend and a beautiful Pesach table. (and gorgeous kids and Uncle H/Aunt M)

  6. Happy Passover Lynn. I enjoy seeing what your family does for religious holidays - different than I, but so interesting. Thanks for your comments on my blog - I've been a bit out of sorts lately and away from everyone's blogs. I do miss the time spent with you all and seeing what you've been up to.

  7. What a wonderful weekend you had. Nothing like being with family especially for the holiday.

  8. It doesn't get much better than love and food...I love the pictures. This is family!!!! Love, Mary


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