Friday, April 6, 2012

More Jalsico Painted Drawings on Paint Party Friday

I loved this woman's soft orange shawl. The man sitting next to her had an interesting hat on, but in real life looked less than the mannequin I made him into here. Sorry fellow.

These are some of my first attempts to capture the Mama of Jalisco's.
 She has been asking me to draw her.
She has told me: "I want to be in that book!" (pointing to my art journal.)
 I have not been brave enough to show her these yet. I will keep trying until I get one I hope she will like.

PS: I had lunch there again yesterday (Thursday)...and showed these to her son, Carlos. He liked them and said he'd show his mom here on the blog.

Hi Carlos's mom!! Be sure to tell me what you think next time I see you.

And congratulations on the birth of your new grand daughter!!!! I am so happy for you and the whole family!
These next two guys are really one guy. First he was standing at the counter and then he sat down.
I like the fact that it looks like two guys are having a conversation with each other. Well, I don't know about you but I often talk to myself!

Happy Paint Party Friday! Have a good weekend, and Happy Holidays and Happy Spring!


  1. I'm sure Jalisco's mum will love her picture. Nice idea with the last picture of the guy having a conversation with himself....may be he has a split

  2. I know Mama Jalisco wil enjoy being in your journal - it will be good to track a willing model for a while!

    Love the two drawings of the same man - reminds me of my husband and his twin brother when they get together!!

  3. Really enjoy spending time looking at your journal pages. The man and himself are really clever, too.

  4. More fun drawings. I bet Carlos' Mom will be jazzed by your drawing of her. Cool idea on drawing the same man. You could almost go down the line drawing the same person in little vignettes. :)

  5. I think Mama will be so excited by your sketch of her. It is wonderful. The sketch of the man made me smile. If we lived close, I'd ask you to sketch my husband. He always talks to himself and I would love a sketch of him doing that. I love your work!!

  6. the "two" men reminds me of that Pixar short about a guy playing chess with himself. Adorable.

  7. There is so much to see in your drawings. I love their detail.

  8. Haha, I often talk to myself as well!

    Mama Jalisco is gorgeous, so much character in that image. She has to like it!! Love all your people drawings, especially the "twins" - great idea!

  9. So glad you are brave enough to show these because i think they are simply wonderful... great line work and you have captured expression sooo well... love the whole post...xx

  10. Great journal spreads!
    Like how you created two portraits from one person in the last image, too. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. Happy Spring to you too :)
    Nice sketches . I am sure Carlos Mom will be thrilled to herself on your blog.
    The 2 guys are very well done, these sketches remind me of my study book many years ago ;)
    Happy Easter :)

  12. I guess what I love about these darwings is the total freedom of them, the lopping off of an arm, the line that suggests another limb, or a chair or something else. The ability to make the foreground fore and the background back. Well done you, you have more creativity in your little finger than a lot of people have in their whole body! And Happe Pesach to you too.

  13. Hi, Lynn,
    Your drawings and posts are so charming. Your quilt is absolutely fine art!!!! Keep up wonderful work.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  14. Lovely sketches/paintings! This will be fabulous when you are done.


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