Thursday, April 5, 2012

Artist Found Out!

On Tuesday this week I had my very first "outing" as an artist on site!
The woman whose back was to me in this top picture's name is Christine.
After Christine and her mom finished eating their lunch and were getting ready to leave Jalisco's
she stopped at my table. I was sitting just behind where she had been sitting.
She said: "Are you drawing?"
I said yes, and showed her what I was working on at that moment.
Then I flipped back one page and showed her this.
She said: "Did you draw me and my mom?"
"Oh, I love it!!!
I went on to tell her I was planning to make up a book of my Jalisco's drawings.
She said: "I'll buy it! And I'll come here so you can autograph it for me!
She was all smiles
and hey, so was I!

No one from this group seemed aware that I was drawing them.

But Carlos, the owners son came by and asked if Christine had seen me drawing her and her mom. I relayed the story to him. And told him my ideas for the book. He said: "I'll buy a copy too, and we will sell them here!

You can kind of imagine that THAT JUST MADE MY DAY!

Thanks Carlos!!!!


  1. Congrats ! What a fun thing to happen to an artist ! Enjoy the fame !

  2. I had wondered if anyone had ever approached you about this, what a great idea, wuour work is so good, I'm not surprised at all, if you think about it wouldn't it be cool to have a book with a painting of your family eating lunch or what ever, and then to have the artist sign it, well tahts just great.The next one will be the church book!

  3. How validating! ♥ I really love painting or working on something creative out in public. People will stop and talk to me all the time. It must be the energy of creation, the joy of color.. there is something special that draws people in and says.. this person creating here, this person with the pen in their hand, they are approachable. :)

  4. To bad she didnt see it in color as its very well done. How fun to have someone get excited about you drawing them AND wanting to buy a copy of your book. You go Girl. :))

  5. Oh awesome Lynn! Such a great idea to make a book of your sketches! Very exciting!

  6. Wow! that's brilliant - it will be a great book :)

  7. OH how very fun! Sweet affirmation for an artist's heart - and hand for that matter:-)

    Now that's exciting!

  9. Lynn, That is awesome, I am sure it will be a wonderful book. Your drawing are always wonderful.

  10. Congratulations! You must have been so excited. I think a book of your work is a wonderful idea.


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