Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Henry V's Day on Animal Wednesday

Henry is just hanging out today taking it easy

He often starts the day by brushing his teeth!

He reads on stone tablets like his ancestors of yester year...

He surveys his kingdom and makes sure all is in order...

And he hangs out looking regal as the King that he is...
He joins me in wishing you a happy and healthy Animal Wednesday!

My new artist friend, Ann Hyde painted this wonderful likeness of Henry from one of my
many photos of him.
Thank you Ann.
Henry and I both like it so much.
You can see more of Ann's Art here at her Studio Hyde blog!


  1. OH that Henry... He really does have a DONT MESS WITH MY KINGDOM Look on his face there.. lol HAW

  2. I had to come back and see Henrys painting. It's lovely Ann. It captures his essence. :)

  3. All bow low to the oh-so-ROYAL Roi!!!! Lynn, your captions are fantastic! There really is only ONE Henry!! (And he knows that!) Wonderful photos!!!! (And isn't he a little poser.....he KNOWS he is adored and has a loyal group of Blogging Courtiers!)

    Ann's painting is wonderful....she has captured his *Cool Arrogance*!!


    Kiss the King!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Wonderful photos Lynn and your captions make such a great storyline....and oh I recognise that painting!...(blushes)lol.

  5. Henry just has that elegant Ir about him.
    Wonderful painting from Ann.


  6. oh he is just the absolute IT!! Mr. King. Awesome

  7. Hmmm...blogger ate my comment - which was how Henry is just so gorgeous and a king. wowee

  8. Amazing eyes and cute little pink nose. Wonderful painting by Ann.
    Happy Long Weekend.

  9. What a delightful post about HRH. Happy Animal Wednesday.

  10. Oh my gosh!!! What a Great picture story!
    I love that expression on his Royal Highness face! He sure is something!!!!
    I bet he ensures you have a lot of fun daily!

  11. He is just so magnificent ! Gorgeous Cat !
    Happy Rest of the Week !

  12. Geeze - Harry is so cute and oh so photogenic. These are such great pictures
    I can see that Harry brings you much JOY!

  13. I'd love to meet your regal Henry - does he give audiences?!!

  14. Handsome, and quite a personality! :)


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