Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dogs, Cats, and Flowers on Animal Wednesday

These pups (actually up in years) belong to my friend Lisa.
We met them for the first time when we visited with her and her husband a few weeks ago.
 One of them went on a walk with us, but the other was not strong enough to make the gentle hike around the block.
This is in honor of Lisa who will undergo her first chemo treatment today! Wishing you smooth sailing Lisa. I know all my friends here will also join me in sending healing thoughts/prayers/energy, etc for all to go well for you in this your next step on the way to complete and total WELLNESS!!!!

 Henry stayed home and played with his catnip pillow I made for him.
 He really loves it as you can see!
He really likes all the attention he gets here from all of you.
Know I read him each and every comment, give him all sent kisses and hugs,
and let him strut his stuff
as his already big head grows even bigger!!!
It is spring here. I actually did some gardening, i.e. cutting back of over-grown vines and things over the weekend. It felt good to be in the yard doing something that I have not done is quite some time (years) that I used to do all the time and in fact was my passion.

These flowers are not mine. They are some I photographed on a walk near my office.

Wishing you a happy Animal Wednesday and joyful spring days ahead!


  1. Wishing your friend Lisa everything good and healing at this time (we have two friends going through the same ordeal)...

  2. What sweet old dogs. Lucky you getting to meet them. You bet Lisa will be in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck to her. HRH Henry is such a lucky boy to have a momma that makes him catnip bags. HAW and Happy Spring to you too.

  3. Sending prayers and hugs to Lisa. And hugs to her old pups too.
    Plenty of hugs for Henry, I love that he is getting all the hugs and kisses sent :-).He deserves it! xoxo

  4. Lynn....I love the faces on Lisa's doggies... they have had years of unconditional love - Lisa is a great Mum...and I know her dogs understand that life has been difficult and stressful for her lately.......they know......believe me. Coming home after chemo and seeing those little furry ones will be a help to her.

    Lisa is a strong woman...she has come through so much already....but she is positive about her next chapter of Life - and with a wonderful friend like YOU..
    I know she will continue to be. Please hug her from all of us and tell her she remains in our prayers....

    Ah, HRH Henry.... you are the best *Maidservant* a King could ever have....making him catnip toys!!! I love that last photo - you can actually see his *head/neck* movement as he rolls over the toy! Three Cheers for Le Roi Henry - AND...for Lynn!!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Love those dogs. They are the same as my Friend in SO CAL. Sweet dogs. Henry is one spoiled King for sure. :) Wishing the best for Lisa. Love the Iris too. HAW

  6. Wishing your friend the very best!
    Sweet dogs and smart Henry!


  7. So of course first of all best wishes for Lisa! And these puppies are just the sweetest !

  8. sending prayers for lisa. her dogs are too sweet. and Henry is the greatest

  9. I'm having a TERRIBLE time getting your blog to load. I've had trouble every time I've been here since this morning. Not sure why. Maybe it was Bleubeard not wanting me to say anything nice about Henry or Lisa's dogs. Or maybe it was really just BLOGGER acting up. Regardless, have a lovely Wednesday.

  10. Lovely flower pics ... I especially like the single lily. And Henry is hilarious as always. Such a personality. Jasper has been introduced to catnip but didn't show much interest in it.


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