Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art Journal Page Tells Story

It's such fun to turn them into living color! I like the way his plaid shirt came out! And her sweater really did have all those folds in the sleeves!
water proof black ink and watercolor

Speaking of moms and sons
today is MY SONS Birthday!
Happy Birthday Dan.
Love you!!!

HPPF too!


  1. Now I'm going to wonder what they were talking about too!..heehee. Happy Birthday to your son...(I can't believe where the years go with our own kids), what say you Lynn!

    1. that is more or less what I said to him in a letter last night...remembering his birth.......then zooming forward to being and old mother with a middle aged son?! Huh? How did that happen????

  2. It is such fun to people watch. Sketching is the ultimate. I like the living color too.

  3. love the way the colors enliven this scene. happy b-day to Dan.

  4. its great to se inside the art journal, I see you wonder as I do, I love people watching, making up little scenarios as to where they'r from and what they're doing, happy birthday to your boy, he's a great looking guy.
    It makes me smile when we mothers talk of our sons, they're all grown up with whiskers and they'r estill our little boys, thanks so much for sharing

  5. This is great. Its kind of reminiscent of Danny Gregory but all Lynn. Stories sell. and you are NOT old enough to have a son that old!!!! LOL Hoping for many more years.

  6. Sons are the best!!!
    My DIL saw the new quilt and raved about it.

    1. Thanks for telling me that Soul. Sweet to my ears. ;-) Hi to Beryl.

  7. I like that you always show us the drawing first, then the added colour. They look great both ways! Awesome.
    love all that hot pink!

  8. Yes, you did a great job on that shirt.
    Always fun seeing the characters that reside within
    your painted stories.
    What a smile that boy has,,,a Happy Birthday indeed!

  9. You should make up little stories about the people you sketch. Who would know the difference, and wouldn't it be fun?
    Happy Birthday to your son!


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