Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flowers Return!

Last month my gardeners (lawn people)
asked if I wanted to clean up a large section of the yard that had become quite overgrown with intermixed vines and plants. I said okay. Well, what was left was a huge expanse of blank fence that had previously been covered in vines, and a blank expanse of ground that had been knee high in plants. I was scared!
But slowly things have been coming back.
This morning I was very excited to find two blooming Mexican Primroses in the mix of greens.

 These leaves below will be purple sage, that velvety type that I like to stroke with my fingers.
I'll have to clear away some of the other stuff that looks like it wants to strangle it right now.
 This is the stranglers, growing wild all of a sudden over the whole expanse. I think it might be honey suckle. The leaves are different from the Mexican Primrose that had filled this area before.
 And two or three red orange trumpet vines are putting out leaves with promises of blooms to follow!
 This plant which was totally buried before under vines is finding new life and will be a bush with yellow and green leaves when it full bloom.
 And what I am guessing is honeysuckle is climbing off the ground and up the fence as well. Soon it will all be competing for space again and will be a lovely mix of flowers and good smells! The fence will be completely covered once more with new life.
Happy spring is springing up in my back yard. What's happening in yours may I ask?


  1. Happy you are getting some pretties back. Sometimes we have to cut back and start over. Henry is happy too. :)

  2. this makes me happy, lynn! my yard is exploding. my camera awaits.


  3. Such a wonderful spring popping up in your yard! Hope you will share more photos as more of it grows and blooms- esp. the honeysuckle!

  4. lovely spring time for you - isn't it fun to see all those new vines and plants? it amazes me every year that things know when to bloom and grow.

  5. Summer is trying to horn-in on spring here. The May flowers are blooming. Such an odd spring. Love seeing Harry in the garden. Isn't it miraculous how nature will "fill in" any space left open. We might not appreciate what is moving in but move in it will.

  6. You are right Lynn! Spring is where the flower returns!
    It interesting to learn that the vine plants are growing well and leaning towards the wooden fetch.

    My new neighbour has a brickwall fench up and I am still awaiting its completion to plant some creeping plant to enhance the beauty of the fence.

  7. Nothing! I have weeds and dirt and stone, maybe a little grass, but then I don't have a lawn, this is New Mexico and a lawn is stupid here, so where this grass came from I have no idea :-). Lovely photo of Henry. Glad your garden is coming back. xoxo


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