Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 First: Tuesday People at the bakery. Believe me or not, but even though I drew these I did not realize until I uploaded this photo on my computer just now that all three people had their legs crossed. I really do go into a zone when I draw.

For Animal Wednesday, Henry v, takes you into his cave under the pink tea bush with the tiny rose colored flowers where he is rubbing his head on a stray branch. He likes the cool shade under there and it's one of his favorite hangouts.
 These are some of the pretty flowers that I drew in that last garden painting a few posts back.

Lavender that blissfully returns year after year in greater and greater abundance.
 Bright red geranium that also returns faithfully.

 Huge thank you to whom ever can give me the name of these rose colored flowers.
A neighbor wants to know.
 The Japanese Tea bush...that was full of bees but I can't see them in this shot. Must have chosen the wrong one.
 and again...the lavender.

Enjoy your Wednesday, the beauty of nature and animals around you, and any creative ways you choose to enjoy your life!


  1. Those flowers look like Jupiters Beard. They do have other names but I always have gone by that one. I love them. I had a light pink in CA and here only seem to grow the darker pinks. They spread and thats what I love about them. Love your Spanish Lavender too. Henry looks like he has found his heaven. and I have done that too. drawn something without realizing I did.. just draw what you see without analizing it, Especially when you are going for speed as in 20 minute drawings. It looks great too.

  2. Lovely photos, looks like you're having some nice spring weather over there.

  3. I love seeing Henry's world. Thank you for sharing. He has lovely flowers.
    Cute sketch of people-watching.

  4. OMG, those blooms are gorgeous!!!!

    Hi Henry.

    Fun sketch at the bakery.

  5. Lovely flowers, art and of course, Henry shots here ! Happy Spring, Lynn !

  6. Lynn....the flowers are magnificent! (Especially the Lavender......ah....I can almost smell them and the Japanese Tea Bush! This is the first year in a while, that I have (oh-so-happily) seen more Bees!!! I hope they are making a HUGE COMEBACK because we need them!)

    Oh..that rascal, King Henry!!! What a face! I never tire of seeing it - and all his myriad of expressions!!!

    I chuckled at your sketch of *The Crossed Legs*!!! Too funny!

    HAW....yes, I am late....


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. lynn, wow, you've been so busy!! i wish i had been... and my internet conn. has been down besides..sigh, joys of country living. love your art and the direction you are going. all that color makes me happy. and that one below the geranium is jupiter's beard.



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