Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crossed Legs at Bakery on Tuesday in Color

I draw on site during the day and come home and paint them in the evening. I still marvel at the fact that it wasn't until I uploaded this photo that I saw that all three people I had drawn had crossed legs.
Where do I go when I draw? They call it "the zone". Does that happen to you too?


  1. Very funny, everyone's legs crossed, all relaxed and sociable! Wonderful art Lynn you're such a pro at restaurant drawing! Love it! And yes, I disappear into a 'zone' also!

  2. great cross legged painting today! ha ha, I understand completely what you mean, when I'm in that place the whole world disappears and I guess thats my meditating except i'm usually exhausted when I'm really in the zone, I will paint for hours tand not realize the time all, the color on the one just pops!

    Thankyou for the welcome back, I'm stoill writing everyhting backwards so it takes me double time to write everything!!

  3. Love this.. saw it on the TMC and what I said still goes. Color makes it have depth where the drawing makes it one dimensional. Keep up the great work. :)

  4. Lovely sketch and painted!
    These restaurants have to buy your art and hang it in their establishments!
    have a lovely day!

  5. I just love those kind of after the fact discoveries - art takes on a life of it's own sometimes!
    I definitely do NOT get into a zone when I draw - too left brain for me
    But give me some paint and some water - hmmm zoooooone

  6. yup, I totally zone out as I create. I find it really hard to even listen cogently to the simplest tv program! Even if I'm just playing around I get "Lost"
    Thanks for stopping by, I love the moo cards too, they're just such a great company!


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