Sunday, June 3, 2012

Busy Art Filled Weekend!

On Friday I dropped off my "Sunflower 3"
textile art quilt
at the Davis Art Center
for the Sunflower Show.
Afterwards I met up with my friend, Diane and her 24 yr young grand daughter, and the three of
us did some thrift store/consignment store shopping!
That was fun.

On Saturday, my brother came down and he, DH and I went over to the local
Vacaville Art Gallery to see the results of the juried art show!

My photo of the "Loving Local Couple" (the Owls) can be seen in the middle of three photos on that far wall. (between the butterfly on the left and the humming bird on the right).

My textile art piece, "Generations" was sqeezed behind some accoustic equipment across from the live band. But Susan the director had stopped me as I came in and told me this was her son's favorite piece in the show! (He's an accomplished artist himself so that was very nice to hear!)

My second textile piece, which also made it into the show, "African Soul" was placed high up on the wall in that same room. Tall people would have been able to see her well or giraffes! LOL
You don't get to choose where your art hangs, it is just the luck of the draw! Nevertheless, I was very proud to see her there. She was obviously inspired by my friend Joss' African art! I think I may well have been channeling Joss when I was in the zone making this piece.

This mixed media piece was one of the ones I had to compete against, as they mix mixed media, textile pieces and jewelry in one category. I thought this a stunning and interesting piece of work.

I thought this painting was both interesting and so well done.

DH and I were both drawn to this wonderful painting of this ram. It's fur looked real.

I liked this photo of a painted trailer. One of the judges told me that there were 75 photos competing with each other for the ribbons. Again, I was proud to have gotten one into the show!

I wondered what this young girl was thinking looking at this rather wild clay piece.

The woman who shot the butterfly and flower was someone I'd been in an art exhibit with  at the local hospital last year.

I think people were enjoying themselves there.

I thought the music was good, but it was very loud for such a small gallery and it made it hard to hear people in conversation.

This is one of several David Peterson's watercolors/ink pieces in the show. I love his work.You might recall that I took a four hour workshop from him a year or so ago. One of his pieces won first place in watercolors tonight.

After the show we went for a walk in the park across from the gallery.
Here I am with my favorite guy, me all decked out in thrift store finds of late. (clay art necklace, top and pants! Whole outfit = $9.00!!!  Boyfriend, free! ;-)

It was indeed a fun weekend!
I hope yours was too.


  1. Congratulations on the show, the sunflower piece is really stunning. Loved to scroll down reading your comments on each photo, great post !

  2. Looks like a good show! Love both your art quilts.

  3. Your Sunflower work is lovely, so much work in it. Well done on being in the Gallery Show, I'm glad you took those photos, it's nice to see them and get the feel of it. Your work certainly stands up with all these others, I really like African Soul. As you say, you cannot choose where the work is put in these places, but it is such a buzz to be part of it.

  4. Didn't it feel great to be included in this company? Fabulous show Lynn, and I think your textile pieces are real stand-outs!
    I agree about that lilac portrait,,,,outstanding!
    Do you know if it sold? So well done.

  5. Well congrats for getting in that show as there were a lot of wonderful Artists in there. Bummer about the placements of some of the Art. But you are in. It looks like it was FULL for sure. Love the building its in.. the front porch. Love all your work. I do love that Portrait of that Woman. and great photo of you and DH. You live a Charmed life.. be proud of it all.

  6. Congratulations on the show! I think all your pieces are awesome! Thank you for sharing the photos, so much fun!

  7. I am so thrilled that you were in this show. All that talent in one place, and yours was perfection. I really found myself drawn to the African Soul, it is stunning. And I just love Sunflower anything, and this piece is so pretty. You and your guy look so cute together..what a special share this is...Hugs, Mary

  8. Lynn, it definitely was your kind of weekend! BUSY! I love the Sunflower truly is beautiful... I can't believe it didn't win a ribbon....

    Most important is that you had several qualifying pieces! That is a prize in itself!

    Love the photo of you and DH....and wow...your ensemble looks great - and for only $9.00!!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Hugs to you and your DH.....and....Kiss the King!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. What a wonderful weekend this was - I just love seeing your work in those galleries,
    You and your DH look lovely and frugal!

  10. Wow, these are some impressive works, Lynn. I especially like the sunflowers art quilt. Of course, the others that were in the show were pretty awesome, too. I hope you won something, because you do such great work.

    Thanks for sharing all those lovely art pieces, too. I was impressed with the mixed media quilt, but thought it was a bit too busy for my taste. I liked it when I first saw it, but after a closer inspection, felt it could have been a bit calmer.

    Had to laugh at your price tag for the clothing. That's my kind of price tag, too. Of course, I don't have a boyfriend, just a cat that eats me out of house and home, which means he's not free!

  11. What a fabulous show, I really love your work. I was drawn to that ram, it is stunning and does look quite real. Sorry that your pieces were not hung so more people could see them better. I really liked the generations one. Mixing textiles and jewelry and mixed media i just wrong, they should all be separate categories. Lovely seeing your work in a public venue though.


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