Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching Up With Daily Drawings/Paintings

 From lunch last Thursday at Taco Jalisco's. These two women enjoyed a long conversation while the blonds alligator-like purse sat on their table.

Same day guys sat in front of me from the police station next door. I think it's a small department that deals with families...or maybe they are just regular on the beat officers who stopped in for lunch? Not sure.

The other two guys by the windows look like workers.
Carlos greeted me with a hug on this day and told me how much his family liked the portraits I'd done of them.

I drew this from a photo of myself on Friday. I could have told you the chin problem was from my fall on Sunday, but that would have been a lie. In truth, it's just a mess up I tried to correct with white-out tape and then paint and then marker and then colored pencil. None of which worked. Sometimes you have to show your blunders...but I'm posting it mostly because I liked it so much before I goofed on the chin! Oh well. I hope you'll look around it and enjoy the other parts of the drawing.

I did this on Monday Morning.  It's a drawing from a second photo of my brother and DH. Not sure I made them look any less grumpy that the previous one. Sorry Bro, I'm trying!!!!!!!

On Monday at noon this week (yesterday) I drew fifteen people at Jalisco's.  I just did heads of people all over the room that was filled to capacity! Mr. Jalisco was busy cooking behind the counter and he gave me a huge smile and "HI" when he saw me!

And then I came home and painted them. 

I really love that I make and have time to draw almost every single day!

Also since joining The Twenty Minute Challenge, Paint Party Friday, and now Sunday Sketchers I have widened my base of inspirational drawers and painters and made lots more new friends in Blogland! 
On this particular day a woman waiting for a take out order saw me drawing,
came over to look, told me what I was doing was great,
shared that she was new to drawing herself and
we had a nice little chat about how much we both enjoy doing it!
She is only the second or maybe third person to talk to me about my drawings
in the eight months I've been doing this publicly.
I hope you are enjoying
of some sort
in your life


  1. Hi Lynn, you definitely get a likeness in your drawings, as with yourself (apart from the chin that is!)...we all get parts of drawings that go flopbot but 'carry on drawing' is the motto:)

  2. I LOVE!! your self portrait, Lynn. Boo boo and all!

  3. Wow, Lynne, you sure do keep those pens and brushes dancing! I admire that you have the time to do this. I adore the self-portrait! You should try to re-create it without the chin boo-boo :)
    I can't tell you how many good paintings I messed up by trying to fix them. it's all part of the process that keeps us humble!

    Nice to see you happily doing art!

  4. OMGosh there is soooooo much to see here. I cant take it all in on one look thru.You are so prolific.I love it all. I think your quick detail is getting better. As is your coloring. Yes you messed up your chin but the detail in your blouse is awesome. I really cant say with one liked best as they are all really good.

  5. Great paintings!! I love your use of colors and fun to look at! How exciting to meet another artist and chat a bit. It's to bad only a few have stopped to say hello and check out your work, they would be glad they did. :) I've been wanting to go to the local bakery/cafe to sketch but I'm to chicken, a scaredy cat. Maybe I can channel some courage from you. ;) Love your work, as always!

  6. I'm glad someone talked to you while you were drawing, if I was to come across someone sketching I would feel compelled to ask questions, maybe that's because i'm an artist myself, I'm curious and would so enjoy to hear where they come from and see their work, I think its wonderful, 15 people wow, the bulk of your work is amazing as the quality, darn, you are so good at what you do, I enjoy each and everyone.I find people so challenging and your style is just so cool!

  7. Oh, your sketchbook is wonderful!

  8. Looks like fun on all the faces. I am following you now as this looks like a place to hang out (kinda like your fav coffee shop Jalisco's)...

  9. Maybe people are shy to interrupt you. I esp like the group pictures here, the ones of the policemen and the group of 15. Each one individual.

  10. you are having so much fun :)

    I love the picture of you with your "bandaged" chin ... a declaration that nobody is perfect - and why should we be!"


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