Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quickie on Animal Wednesday

It's always a tale about Henry V and our garden...
 On animal Wednesday
 And sometimes an owl makes it into the story, as they live locally and we visit them from time to time...
 I recently gave this piece of art to my daughter...of three Henry's photo/drawing/machine stitch sewn
because she said "I really LIKE THAT ONE!"
So I took it to her on Mother's Day.
 Henry and I both enjoy our garden...Here's whats in bloom right now:
 I once had over fifty holly hocks in our front and back yards...Now I have just a few...
 This hydrangea plant is from 17 years ago when my mom died. It goes on living under our living room window.
 And this vine survives too after 24 years in this house...
 Henry says Ta, have a great day! He'll snooze it away this morning!
Me, I have to get ready for work!


  1. Now that is a tall tale..:))Lovely flowers blooming. I love ones that seem to stay forever and come back faithfully for years. I call that a Memory Garden. Love seeing Henry and always love seeing those Owls too. HAW

  2. Marvelous photograph of the owl. It's nice you live where you can get up close and personal like that. Your garden is great. I do miss having one. Now I'm a potter.

  3. The art you did of Henry for your daughter is lovely, she must be very pleased with it. Love your flowers too, especially the hollyhocks.

  4. The King's Tale! Ooops...I mean the King's Tail! A-ha-ha! And what a thick, furry one it is! Sort of his Secptre! Tail Up = good! Tail Down = "Off with their heads!" A-ha-ha!

    And the OWL.....oh, I am envious....would love having them as *neighbours*!

    Your flowers are wonderful....I love how the hydrangea still like your Mum giving you a hug.


    Love, and Kiss the King,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Oh, I love it! All of it - the kitty (aren't they so wonderfully aloof?), the owl (so envious!!), the beautiful kitty art and your flowers! We have a hollyhock here, but it has yet to flower. And your hydrangea flowers have such a pretty color. We have so much acid in the soil that ours are almost always blue. Still pretty though.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog!! Hugs, Silke

  6. Wonderful AW post. Henry is the best subject. HAW.

  7. Hello cute, adorable Henry!!! You sure are a doll. I love that three pieced Henry art framed up!!! Beautiful!

  8. Henry is a classic, that's for sure! I need to get out in my garden and see what's happening out there--

    I absolutely love love love the embroidery/drawing of Henry!

  9. Lynn, Please tell Henry that Annie loves him! Great piece you gave your daughter!
    The flowers are beautiful!
    I also love all the drawings in the above post!
    Happy weekend.xoxo

  10. Hi Lynn,

    I am surprise to see an owl coming out in the daytime. I always thought it comes out at night! Love to see its sleepy look...Ha..Ha..

    Wow! The cat artworks are amazing! The flowers are gorgeous too! Thatis how we should enjoy our days with!!!

  11. Henry is such a star. I love seeing pics of him and reading about his escapades. Remember those cartoons you used to do about him? Still think a Henry book would be a hit.


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