Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Our Owls" on Animal Wednesday

They burrow in holes deep in the ground...but they come to the surface to greet us
 when we visit...The previous day it was too hot (107 F) and none could be found...They chose to stay in the cool earth...
 But on this day, new families of seven to ten were out on top of their burrows waiting for us...
 A few flew up into the air making me love my camera for being able to capture them from afar...
 On the ground a few squirrels could be found in meetings...
 while this guy flew over the field checking us out...
 Babies and parents stayed calm down below listening as we clucked our tongues at them
They probably thought we were crazy...but they are not at all afraid of us that is for sure! And we thank them for letting us visit. And for posing and being so cute and sweet and accommodating!

Happy Animal Wednesday
People too!

*Henry V says Hi*


  1. Goodness Lynn, I'd never heard of Burrowing Owls before, amazing. The owls here are very shy and only appear at night, often in the headlights of cars, or we do hear one locally hooting into the night sky. Hi to Henry:)

  2. What fun getting to watch the owls interact and just be too cute. HAW.

  3. Lynn, Oh my!! How wonderful is this?! What a lucky duck you are. Very special birds and these photos are awesome. Hi back to Henry V.xoxo

  4. I LOVE them all but I don't think I have ever seen a photo of one flying. What a GREAT SHOT..both of the flying pix. Our Cat, Daisy, turns her head like these owls. Its so darn cute when she does. I am going to start calling her little Owl. :))

  5. Great shots of those owls. Are they in your yard? I thought they only came out at dusk or night.


    1. They live in a field in town next to a golf course across the street from car dealerships...they are awake during the day and hang out right next to their burrows which they dig deep into the ground. Entry holes are large. A foot across at least. I have photographed them in the past on top of street signs next to their homes on the sidewalk. We just drive up with open car windows to view them. They are just a few feet from the curb. And they seem as curious about us as we are about them.

  6. Amazing! I've never heard of burrowing owls, let alone seen any. In fact, I've never seen an owl in the wild at all, though have heard them in the dead of night occasionally. Aren't they sweet to pose for you like that. And that shot of the owl in the sky hardly looks real, with his big face and eyes staring down at us. Great "captures."

  7. how fun the way the turn their heads sideways. there eyes are very striking. you have shown these guys before but maybe not the babies. yes, your new camera makes a huge difference in getting these cloesups.

  8. FANTASTIC, FABULOUS PHOTOS!!!!! The Owls are so beautiful....every shot is stunning....the owl is flight....that's an award winner for sure!

    Love Cris' idea of *re-naming* Daisy - *Little Owlet*! HAW!!! HAW!!

    Beautiful post, Lynn!



    Kiss the King!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. Not been ignoring you, Lynn, but my wife has been in hospital (she's OK now)

    My granddaughter and I are taking another University degree together and are behind with an assignment. (screams silently)

    will catch up with you later!

  10. wow - that is truly AMAZING!!! they're like meerkats :)

  11. I just love these pics - they are amazing and the owls are so curious! I love the way they turn their heads and peer at you - just wonderful!

  12. Magic, magic, magic ! What a gift you were given. Thank you for sharing the photos with us.
    Light and love !

  13. Amazing pictures. Do you have an owl house for them? if so, where did you purchase it?

  14. Lynn, This is awesome! I had planned a trip to the desert Southwest that would have included seeing these guys for the first time, but I have to postpone due to the move. Next year!

  15. OMG, those are so cute and adorable! Wonderful pics! How are these owls called? And asking about my "double" post: the Montagsmaler posts are sometimes shared with the PPF folks, as I don't always find the time to sketch different things for both days.

  16. These are so cute! It's fantastic that they let you get these shots!!

  17. Wonderful photo with great light, beautiful owls, I do. Greetings and good weekend.

  18. Those owls are hilarious. I was recently talking with a friend of mine here who does wild animal rescue and rehabilitation. People sometimes bring her injured owls. She was telling me the horror stories of what happens to these owls at the hands of people who are superstitious and scared of them. They break the owls limbs and try to kill them to get rid of them in horrible ways. Very sad.

  19. Wow. Amazing shots, even more amazing owls. I love owls--we have (I think) a big barn owl living in our barn. Every once in awhile we see her swoop out, and it's always inspiring.

  20. Hi Lynn, these owls are incredible, ..their eyes! wo, and your pictures too! they really look so intelligent, those owls! have a great day, sketching away!

  21. ...this post is ~ simply ~ super awesomeness! ~ what a treasure! ~ thankyoU! ~ sO much for sharing these amazing creatures!~ many blessings to thee and the wonderful family of stockinged owls!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...


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