Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunny Sunday in San Francisco

The weather could not have been more perfect!
High 70's, shirtsleeve weather warm, no wind.
 Blue skies, blue water...boaters boating...
 Families beaching...
 swimmers swimming
 People reading while sunning
 DH checking out a Falucca in repairs...
 Me finding shapes and colors that delighted my eye!
 Triangles frame the city in it's 75th year celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge

 Being at the pier is a favorite spot for us...and every time I go there I probably take the same pictures again and never gets old for me...I love it anew each and every time I walk on this pier.
I can still smell the sea air!

Like The Hercules, I love this old tug boat, which reminds me of a children's book about a tug boat, and it's bright red/orange coat of paint only lacks the smiley face from the book cover, but I see it anyway!
From there we went to the folk festival and yes I did draw as DH sang.
Those pictures are for another post soon.

I hope your Sunday was as sunny inside and out.

Our evening ended with a stop at my brother's home, & a most delicious Chinese meal in
good company!


  1. Sounds and looks like a great trip. What a lovely place to go...especially the photo that had my name in it!

    1. Ann I had to wonder about the photo with your name on it and went looking for what said "Ann"...then realized you meant your sur name!
      Made me smile too!

  2. Wow what a wonderful day! Went to the pier when I was 11 years old and I still remember it! I think it was called Fisherman's Wharf? Want to go back someday! Great captures!

  3. I can smell the Sea Air as I read this. Having been there in the last eight years its still fresh in my mind. Lovely pix all of them. Glad you had a great time and the weather was perfect.

  4. Wasn't it gorgeous yesterday! And today as well! YOU KNOW what a rarity that is...I am happy you and your DH had such a prefect day! I was stuck inside the Opera House for a Final Dress Rehearsal for most of the afternoon, but had dinner with a friend afterwards....and it was STILL warm! Sigh.... Lovely photos! How was DH's concert - and where was it?

    I'm off to Santa Fe for a few days.....looking forward to even warmer weather - and yes, more opera...and yummm..Margaritas!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. how lovely is all this blue! looks gorgeous. xx

  6. it looks so San Francisco-y (if that is a word)

  7. Great photos. I've never been to SF and looking at your photos I felt like I was there. The weather sure looks nice. Hot and humid here.

  8. Your photos are to die for. I wish I could visit during the bridge's 75th anniversary. I suspect it will be a rather fun time. Like you, I look for unusual things to shoot. Of course, I don't have a decent camera, but we all make do with what we have, don't we. Glad your Sunday was PERFECT!

  9. What a fun trip! Joel was in SF over the weekend for a Giants game, and he said the same thing about the weather. Hot here today, altho we've had a lovely spring--

  10. I long to come back to see it all again! What a wonderful day you had, Lynn!!!

  11. I think it must be a fun day for outting!
    With lots of different activities here!

    Through your creative lens I see the colourful beats of beach with different highlights each in every photo.
    For instance, in the last photo of the old tug boat, the bright/ red orange coat of paint and its details are most standout and fascinating! Now, my mind wonder away, I hope to be a temporary sailor!


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