Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Folk Festival In San Francisco On Sunday

We have been going to Shanty Sings and folk festivals since the 1970's...
What's particularly interesting about this top drawing is that some of the people in it we've known
by sight and song since those early days.
So why was I so surprised when I went to paint this to realize so many in the group now had
gray hair?
(There's Dick Holdstock, top row second from right, who sings Sea Shanties, Scottish/Irish/English music, and for whom DH was a back up singer with others on a CD he made with Dick and Alan McCloud.
Leading the group on Sunday were: Richard Adrianowicz (from Out in the Rain)  and Peter Kasin.
Sunday Dick told DH that he'd like him to be back up on another of his CDs in process)

We were pleased to also see so many young folks at the festival...glad to know the tradition will be carried on after we oldsters are long gone.
 I sat and drew these first two pages in a two hour singing workshop. And painted them after I got home. Someone asked me on an earlier post if I remember what colors everyone was wearing when I sit down to paint. Sometimes I do and sometimes I ad lib. Not hard when most wear blue work shirts, t-shirts and blue jeans!

DH went to this guitar workshop next. The age group here was recognizably younger over all.

It was a good day ... listening to music...drawing... seeing old friends ... and realizing that we are old now too. Oy Vey!  ;-)


  1. you are so good at showing how the people in the group are so different in features. i think its hard to draw groups and you have gotten great at it. somehow i found myself thinking of picasso's drawings here. yes, what a surprise to see so many grey heads among old friends. LOL esp surprising to see so many grey headed women out there whereas in the past women dyed their hair. although i still know quite a few who still do so, not so many up here in the north country.

  2. Nice sketches. I love folk festivals too. I am also always amazed that people my age look old to me now. Scary. These are great, Lynn.

  3. So often I don't think that friends I havn't seen in a while will also have aged. I will go to some sort of reunion feeling very old ... and fat ... and what a surprise... and relief. We're all in the same boat. At the risk of repeating myself .... I'm in awe of your drawings!

  4. Sounds and looks like a wonderfully full day. I hear you on the 'getting older' note. lol

  5. How impressive. I was struck by your comment about the gray hair. What I can't seem to get over is when I see a TV star from my childhood who now looks so old. I had to laugh about the colors. Seems most any color will work when the bottoms are blue jeans. Glad you had fun and your DH was able to reconnect with musician friends.

  6. Love the whole 'vibe'. If you keep drawing and painting these marvellous pictures, soon you can bind them all into a book. Wonderful!

  7. Wonderful as usual. I laughed at you saying it took you drawing them to realize they were all Gray. I think we dont really SEE aging as it kind of creeps up on us. I look at someone I havent seen in awhile and say.. man has he or she aged..and they are looking at me saying the exact same thing. I see you added their paunches to the pix too. LOL. Great recording of your fun event.

  8. these are just awesome sketches. I love that you are out there sketching!I ought to get back to that:)

  9. Lynn you are a fabulous sketcher, love your style.


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