Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Animal Wednesday Bodega Bay Sea Gulls

I am jumping ahead to our last day of vacation and showing you these wonderful seagull shots I took at Bodega Bay on our very last stop before coming home.
They were too beautiful to wait.
The orange around his eye looks like it is thread painted to me!
I love my camera!!!!

I also liked this one of another sea gulls pink legs and feet!

And here they are all lined up looking at the houses built into the hillside across the water. So many shapes!
We got clam chowder and sour dough bread to take home for our dinner.

It was such a good trip!

To see more of our vacation in drawings/paintings scroll down to Monday and Tuesday of this week.
And stay tuned as I am posting more drawings every day this week.


  1. Seagulls are me!! When I was in Germany with the Royal Air Force and jet-fighters, my call-sign was 'Seagull'!

  2. Awesome photos Lynn!! I love Bodega Bay.


  3. Okay, so I have camera envy!...what make? SO, impressed with these photographs Lynn, from the close ups to the row of gulls....they look as though they are

  4. Oh that is a wonderful shot.. first pix. wow. All of them actually. I too have camera Well sometimes.. I chose small over nice close ups.. I use my camera more being small so I guess it evens out. HAW

  5. Hmmm.....birds....a lot of birds.....and in Bodega Bay....shades of Alfred Hitchcock! A-ha-ha! Great photos...that gull with the *orange* eyeliner..and those rosy, webbed feet.....fantastic photos!

    Your holiday must have been heaven! (Except for Henry....who I am sure was *not amused!) So happy you and Cris and friends... it's such a great gift, don't you think?



    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. The top photo looks like the one I painted last year for KJ :)

    Wonderful shots! I see you're loving that camera :)

  7. Really love the first photo and the second, well I guess I love them all! Very Nice closeup shot, love the orange eyeliner!

  8. Amazing beautiful pictures Lynn!
    Indeed that first shot reminded me of a painting Lo did :)
    A good camera is such a joy isnt it?!
    And Clam chowder ....... oh delicious. I had that last year for the first time with robin in SF!
    Of to see and read about your visit with Chris!


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