Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation Day Three with Cris and Con

One of the highlights of this trip was visiting our friends, Cris and Con.
Yes that is Cris Artist in Oregon, who I met through blogging.
This was our third meet up in person and our first time spending the night in their lovely home.
By now it feels like being with long time friends, as Cris and I keep up by email
as well as blog visits.

Before getting to their house after leaving Crater Lake we stopped at Watson Falls and took a wonderful hike up to the falls. The trail was full of beautiful ferns, redwood trees, and other greenery and wild flowers. The falls were magnificent and literally took our breath away.
The second hike was to Toketee Falls and again we were blown away by the beauty we saw there.

By the time we got to Cris and Con's home we were ready to sit and relax.
We sat in their beautiful backyard and gardens of roses, daisies and other flowers.
Annie was happy to see us too as we were her.
And we got to pet Daisy the cat as well. She is so pretty and soft.

DH did a good job entertaining us all with his guitar (actually this was Cris' guitar) and singing. Con we learned plays the harmonica and keyboard. He also sang along on some of the songs he was familiar with.

Cris and I drew and painted. On the second day there we went across the road to her friend's home who lives on the Umpqua river. I drew this huge tree and swing in her yard while Cris drew the river.

I also drew the animal life there...birds, ducks, chickens, bunny, and Annie of course!
It was such a fun visit. Thanks Cris, Con and Annie and Daisy for being such good hosts and fun friends to be with and for your wonderful hospitality. I hope we get to do this again next year!

Stay tuned for more pages from our ten day trip...It started on Monday of this week if you missed that post scroll down one.


  1. That must be so nice to meet up with blogging friends like that, plus enjoying some painting too!

  2. What a great visit with Cris. You lucky lady. Fun sketches. I wish we could have a concert performed by Fred.

  3. Oh it sounds like you had a grand time! So happy for both of you! Love your drawings as always!

  4. It looked like a really fun time, and your illustrations made it all the more memorable. Especially like the guitar and its player; he is excellent work!


  5. The visit went WAY to fast but we had a good time while we were together. Its not everyone that can be serenaded with Guitar & Singing while out Plein Air painting. :)))It was so much fun seeing you draw and paint these too. What I found interesting is how we both could sit and draw at the same spot and come up with different takes on the area. That's what I think is so much fun about Art and getting together. Looking forward to next year. :)))

  6. Hello Lynn, I love these drawings...I came by to thank you for sharing that you were a hippie chick. Being a California girl, it was hard not to be. I wanted one of the VW Vans so bad, and often think of the Bugs that had flowers on them. Were you in San Fransico? I would love to know your story. My daughter Jenny loves that era, she buys things that are a little hippie like. Some of us were not brave...we hung onto what we knew insead of having a great adventure. I love you dear friend and Hippie Chick, Mary

  7. Lynn, Just catching up. Oh Henry, be safe! Lovely quilt show and great sketches of your trip. Looks like you had a lot of fun. xoxo

  8. I love it that your two families have met up so often, and now for an overnight, songfest and drawing marathon. Lovely

  9. Oh how fun that must have been to visit Chris!
    Isnt it special to see blogfriends in real ?!
    To meet the dog and pet the cat and see the chickens and garden! All must have come to life.
    Glad you had such a good time!
    Great job on paining your DH with the guitar!


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