Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vacation Day Five at Sam's House in Glide, Oregon

We arrived at Sam's in Glide after leaving Cris and Con in Roseburg about ten miles away.
We have been coming up to Sam's for 22 years to celebrate July 4th with her and her family.
This first drawing is of her friend, Ronnie.
Sam's house is an art show in itself. Every nook and crannie has art Sam has made herself.
I told her she could make and sell items in an ETSY shop, post them on a blog and have no problem being published in any Somerset magazine on the market, but she is not interested.
She just creates privately and we get to enjoy it when we come to visit.
I will post some of the gifts she made for me at a later time so you can see.
She built the birdhouse out the window and the photo albums with their satin ribbons on the bookshelf below got my immediate attention.

Ronnie's birthday is the same day as mine!


Sam's art is outdoors as well as inside. This is one garden spot of many in her back side and front yards. My art journal tells you we took a beautiful hike up to Grotto Falls. This was a waterfall you could actually walk behind! You'll see that more closely when I get around to posting my photos from the trip. Unfortunately we ate way too much ice cream that counteracted all the exercise we got on our hikes to do us any good health wise!

Sam's friend Debbie who traveled with her last year to California when both visited us at our house came over to visit while we were at Sam's. That's Debbie on the right and Sam on the left. It was fun seeing Debbie again. This was drawn in the back yard. Sam built that red bird whose wings twirl in the breeze and planted all the flowers and greenery you see there too.
We had such a good time there. We stayed three days. More drawings from there tomorrow. To see more from our trip scroll down to Monday of this week.


  1. you are creating the most amazing journals lately not the least this one from your trip. they are so fun, colorful and unique. you have many friends too and it sounds like a perfect trip.

  2. Lots of details in these drawings and I saw how fast you can do one too. You talk and draw and that isn't easy. Are those sweet peas growing up that lattice fence? I like her whirly bird too. :)) Look forward to more.

  3. It is always such fun to visit your site and see and hear about your latest adventures. I am so glad you took up drawing, as you are very good at it. I do love quilts though, too!

  4. Love the way you draw Lynn, so fun and full of life!


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