Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ashland Deer and Other Animals on Animal Wednesday

Good Morning!
We are Townie Deer!

I'm just a tad shy.

Eating California Poppies is my way of welcoming you to Ashland, Oregon!

As did this big black crow in downtown Ashland. We felt very very welcomed there.

We had such a good time.

Someone is happy to be home again!

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. wow - the antlers on that deer are big! were they just wandering around town?
    Henry must have been so happy to be home but I'm sure he gave you the cold shoulder for awhile!


  2. Amazing that deer are in town like this. One's garden wouldn't be safe. Henry looks very happy to be home.

  3. Deer in town seem so out of place! We had one walking up our street just a couple of days ago ... Roses beware!!!!

  4. Wonderful photos Lynn! I can see every hair on that beautiful animal in the first photo! They are soooo cute, and so is Henry?. I'm glad you had a wonderful time! greetings and have a great day, Andrea

  5. Don't you just love seeing the wild life just walking around here. I never tire of seeing the deer right in front of me. Great shots and such clear close ups. and I bet Henry is one happy camper.:)) HAW

  6. wonderful photos I love the deer ones they look so close you could touch them

  7. Love the *Town Deer*! (Something we NEVER see in SF!) That first shot is breathtaking!!!! I love their faces....their ears.....and the Antlers on the little one!

    Of course...nothing compares to seeing *The King* back from *exile*....and ruling his Kingdom again!

    Love to all - and....Kiss the King!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Actually, I thought Henry looked rather uninterested. The town deer on the other hand, looked worth photographing! What fun photos, since I've never seen a deer here in Wichita. Too citified, I guess. Welcome home!

  9. OMG amazing AW pictures! Those deer in the middle of town!
    And that Henry content, sleeping, glad to be back and in charge again :)

  10. door stop

    I can't believe it a deer is in the city. How did that happen? I'm curious as hell.

  11. Wonderful photos of the deer, so close.. They must be looking for some gardens to raid!! Your kitty is very blissful!!

    Hugs Giggles


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