Monday, July 16, 2012

Crater Lake 2012

 When we first arrived at Crater Lake it was overcast and misty... We knew we'd be spending the night in a cabin in Mazama Village and would hopefully see the sun rise the next morning. And we did. They said there were bear in the park, but fortunately we did not encounter any.
 The colors of the water are simply breathtakingly beautiful.

 We never tire of coming here...walking around the rim by the Lodge, eating our meals there, driving as far as we can around the crater. This year it was open 3/4s of the way. Snow was on the ground, but not where we walked this year. In years past there have been banks of snow far over our heads.

 This is a happy memory place for us.
 The sun did come out tomorrow!
 7700 years ago Mt. Mazzuma erupted and the crater was formed. It is filled only with rain and snow waters. No water goes in our out of the crater any other way.
 I bought this cute jacket made by women in Napal in the gift shop at the lodge. I like taking home a reminder of our trip. And I thought it a very funky jacket one I wished I'd made myself.
 I like the way this wall looks with the liken (?) growing on it looking like it is splashes of paint. It's not!
 One day we might spluge and get a room in the lodge. It was fun to sit in the rocking chairs on the deck over looking the lodge and to eat lunch and dinner there.
 Good bye Crater Lake, Thank you for sharing your beauty with us.We will come again.


  1. Lynn, what beautiful scenery. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I have so enjoyed your trip via your many sketches too. I can certainly see why you are drawn back to this magnificent place.

  2. What a lovely place ... I don't think i've ever seen such a blue blue :D

  3. Simply gorgeous! Love that camera.

  4. Wow.. great shots. My monitor was yukki till now so I couldn't see the colors. The blues are so varied and clear. Who took your picture together? That's a cool bird photo too.

  5. oh it's so beautiful! we were there years ago but I remember being amazed. Lovely pics

  6. oh my goodness it's beautiful. I can see why you love going there and I bet the air was fresh too. Love your jacket.

  7. I love your photos! I was there in the 60's as a child with my family. It hasn't changed at all! It is just as beautiful as I remember it.

  8. ...ooooooooOoooh! ~ i sO thankyoU! ~ for this most awesome captivating share! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  9. that jacket is FAB!! I love pieces that are distinctive. Thanks for your comment on my pears, they're such fun. Crater lake looks much like my home in BC. Beautiful. Have a great week!

  10. Wow Lynn! I love these pictures and am amazed at the beauty! Of course my favorite is the beauty of the last one... the feet up and the holding hands!!! Thanks for sharing and also for stopping by my blog last PPF and leaving such a sweet comment!
    Have a wonderful day...

  11. Such beautiful photos, Lynn! I'd like to go right now! We also experienced Crater Lake with snow and rather cool winds. It is a cold place - but so lovely. I like the jacket you bought!

  12. Oh, gosh, those photos are stunning! I could SO live there!! Luvin your art...stumbled upon you via PPF!

  13. Breathtaking photos!! Looks like a beautiful place and I love your new arty jacket!! Very funky!!

    Hugs Giggles


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