Sunday, July 15, 2012

Second to The Last Day(s) of Vacation and Home Sweet Home 2012

It was a long long longer than expected (for me) ride from Ashland, Oregon to Mendocino, California.
You can tell by the windy switchback roads over hill and dale, mountains, and lakes, forests and glens before reaching any civilization at all. We finally stopped in a tiny place called Willow Creek for lunch. I got to draw people eating, which you know I am accustomed to doing.
Later we got to a small CITY, Arcada, and DH went off to a music store looking for a special kind of guitar pick and I went across the street to a place where they made super good organic ice cream.

I had chocolate orange chip and it was every bit as good as that sounds.
They had art on the walls; and someone had built this wonderful wooden artsy glider with four giraffes at each corner with a table in the middle. A man with his little girl offered me to join them, but I declined wanting to look at the art and savor my ice cream sitting still.

 Meanwhile, back on the road again, we continued to drive through stunningly beautiful scenery, finally driving through Fort Bragg where we were married, and past the place where we'd rescued Henry V. We drove on to Mendocino and got to our Inn by dinner time. Just time to plunk our things down and walk over to Frankie's for a falafel plate for me and a tamale for him, listen to live music, and then go back to our place, light a fire and put our feet up after a very long day in the car.
  We loved our stay in Mendocino even if it was too, too brief. We know we will return.

The nexxt morning we checked out some favorite places in Fort Bragg before heading down the coast, but because it was Sunday everything we liked was closed. We waved to the court house where we were married.

Then we drove down the coast watching rocks and waves, beauty that only the coast of California can give you for miles and miles and miles unending...Stopping in Gualala for a bite to eat for lunch...then further down till we hit Bodega Bay. Got out at the Tides Inn to buy clam chowder and sour dough bread to take home for dinner.

Got home too late to pick up Henry. Sorry Henry. It took him a few days to either forgive us or forget, but he's fine now. We got him first thing in the morning. DH did. I stayed home to do loads of wash and meld back into real time after the best ten day vacation we've had in a while.

Home Sweet Home


  1. Wow.. lots to read here. Lots of Art too. Plenty of time in the car to do all this it sounded like. I think the coast road fools people thinking its not that far.. all that winding takes time and not on Freeways either. Great job of recording your wonderful ten day trip. Welcome home again. :))

  2. Beautiful vacation, Lynn!!! Glad you are back all safe and sound!
    xoxo- Julie

  3. lots of fun reading your journal entries with all the C O L O R!!! loved that. :) and felt like i was making the trip with you since i've made it so many times in past...even to ashland! and beyond since son went to UofO. many many trips up there to eugene.

    sounds lovely... especially all those sweets i can no longer eat...maybe for the best :)

  4. Wow sounds like a fantastic time, ending with clam chowder and sour dough bread!! Awesome trip, with wonderful illustrations! Thanks for sharing ...very fun!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. That was one heck of a holiday...and a lot of driving I'm thinking. As for the ice cream you described, my mouth was watering at the thought of it...yum. I take it Henry enjoyed his holiday too. Love your drawing of the winding roads Lynn.

  6. It's retirement, it really suits Fred, and you too. Enjoy, you both deserve it.

  7. Welcome Home! I loved hearing and seeing all of your adventures!!! A wonderful, wonderful holiday!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    P.S. Henry V's caption is purrfect! ♥♥

  8. Sounds like a lot of Fun and sweet to visit the place where you were married.
    Love the journaling you did while on your trip.

  9. Winding down,,,re-entry to the now isn't always easy after vacation.
    Great journal pages as always,,,,smiling at Henry's 'catitude'.

    I could eat your entire loaf of sourdough all by myself,,,,and that choc/orange ice cream sounds just killer.

    Such a great trip,,,,retirement is good!

  10. really cool. thanks for taking me along, lol.

  11. i absolutely love how you've captured your vacation. i feel like i got to be there for all the interesting highlights. what a great way to create a remembrance!
    i have to admit, i was confused by the speed with which you were getting to fort bragg, because i think of fort bragg as the base in n. carolina. it took me a few moments to figure out you were talking about a different fort bragg altogether!

    so glad you had such a great trip!

  12. what a fun blog post - love your illustrated travel journal, here on the other posts as well

  13. This is a genius idea, and every time you look at it, you are going to be reminded about your trip. Stunning. It is like a roadmap for your holiday memories. :)

  14. What a wonderful trip! I tooo love your illustrated travel journal... what a great memory of a wonderful trip you have made!

  15. Wow! Great travel journal ~ Wonderful ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  16. just wonderful journal pages, a great memory of your holiday!

  17. I'm absolutely loving your journal pages. I can't wait for things to slow down a bit more to where I can start doing mine again. :)

  18. very fun, lynn. you will look back on these and be reminded about so many special moments and meals :^)

    i made the same mistake as molly about fort bragg. i'm glad it was what it was and not what i thought it was.

    so you are both free to gallivant more easily and more often, yes? could be interesting.....


    1. KJ, only DH has retired. I still work. However I work a shortened week. No Fridays and every other Monday off. So more time, but less income...You do the math! ;0

  19. I love the aerial map overview - I think I will take your advice and just start sketching again, whether it's mundane or exciting. I should have sketched my big toe! You all would have loved to see my surgical stockings to keep me from getting blood clots. Those really made a fashion statement!


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