Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation Days Seven and Eight back in Ashland, Oregon

We left Sam's and drove down to Ashland, Oregon where we started this trip at Cousin Betsy's.
We stopped at Lithia Park to rest and where I drew these people also resting in the park.
In actuality there were only three people there, but I drew them in different poses as if there were more. There was one woman alone and one couple.

We went on to Betsy's house and sat on her front porch catching her up on our travels. After which we went to the communal dining room where we once again ate too much good food.

We went out the first evening there to the Shakespearean Festival that is famous in Ashland. We saw As You Like It in the Edwardian outdoor theater. We were much too tired from our travels to fully enjoy it however, and my lousy hearing also interfered with my enjoyment. However, the sets were quite wonderful. There was a giant timepiece hanging upper center stage that moved and looked like a beautiful mandala. I wish I could have taken a photo of it and drawn it for you to see. The costumes were great too.

The next day we had breakfast at Betsy's house where I drew this still life from the fruit on her table.
And then we took off with Betsy for a short trip to Jacksonville where we went into all the quaint shops there. And went out to lunch. Are you getting that we ATE A LOT on this trip?

Betsy lives in a beautiful senior community called Mountain Meadows. The dining room has an excellent chef. The area is pretty with trees and flowers and deer roaming about freely. And she has a ton of friends who stop by to chat all the time. I enjoyed meeting and talking with them.

On Friday night we went downtown to the Art About and saw a lot of great art and listened to live music. Of course we started with a good meal at a Mexican restaurant. (Not as good as my Taco Jalisco's however)... ;-)

The next morning we said good bye to Betsy until next year same time...and headed down and sideways to the coast in California for our last two days of vacation alone. Stay tuned to see the last of the art journal drawings and later I will post some of the 600 photos I took too. Not a lot, but some, don't worry.

I hope you are enjoying this along with me.

 Have a great weekend.


  1. Holidays (sorry Vacations!) with great food plus sketching - Bliss :) You certainly have a good collection of sketches from your trip, each one with its own special memories. That's what I love about sketching, when we look back at them the drawing puts you straight back there to the moment you sketched it.

  2. sounds like a fun vacation! Your sketches are so good! I love to people watch and should take my sketch pad and try a few drawings next time. Have a wonderful day!

  3. you had a lot of fun sounds like, friends, food and frolicing. i love it that you sketched so much and....zounds....600 photos.

  4. Love how you use your sketch book! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I am enjoying your trip with you! Thanks for sharing it with us all! I keep thinking I should have sketched my week of recuperating from surgery but it all seemed so boring.

  6. You have had quite a holiday!!!! Nothing compares to travel....meeting old (and new) friends, and of course, eating delicious food! Love these sketches....and am looking forward the photos!

    Has Henry forgiven you both yet? A-ha-ha!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. lovely journal pages of your vacation, what a wonderful way to preserve precious memories!

  8. I always smile when I come to your blog. Lots of colour!

  9. I thought I had commented here. I saw this and guess I did comment to you. Love your sketches and seeing what you did in Ashland. Looks like it was lots of fun being with Betsy. Looking forward to the photos too. Those and the sketches will be great memory keepers for you.

  10. Spectacular as usual! I love on Betsy's porch! I have difficulty with hearing too! Thankfully you have amazing vision though!! Love this great journal of events!

    Hugs Giggles


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