Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Home With Hummers, Out With Ducks, Turtle and Squirrel

 This little hummer and a few friends of his come to visit our red trumpet vine flowers each evening as we sit under our redwood trees after dinner in the back yard.
I guess he is getting his dinner too!
 I'm so glad my camera has a good long zoom and can catch him in all his fast fluttering of wings!

 On Friday last we went to Davis to hear the live music, I posted the drawing of those musicians  last Saturday; but before we sat to listen we walked in a grove of redwood trees on the UC Davis campus and met up with some cute creatures there. First this turtle DH spotted on this log floating in this rather yucky looking water.
 This mother duck didn't seem to mind the muck at all...nor did her two babies!

After the concert we came out to find this curious squirrel coming down the tree and staring at us!

Perhaps he was hoping we had some peanuts for him...
 But we didn't...sorry.
Doesn't he have lovely long thin fingers and toes? And such a lush fluffy tail too. He is really quite a beautiful creature. And I am happy my camera captured all this for you to see on
Animal Wednesday~

I drew the grey squirrel from my photo using first black ink pen, then some brown ink pen... I added watercolor, and some marking pen in grey...

And finally, I went over the leaves with a Sharpie Ultra Fine tipped pen (green) over the green watercolor paint.

And here you see the two page spread in my new art journal with brown paper (thin)

Again, Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oooo, I like your new journal. Love the way you wrote on one side and drew on the other. You have encountered several animals this week. HAW.

  2. Well firstly, and again I say, you have an amazing camera, wow! what shots, particularly of the humming bird...oh I wish we had those here...he is SO sweet. Love your drawings of the squirrel, you have captured his cute little face so well. Happy drawing to you Lynn.

  3. I love the pics but adore the squirrel painting - it's wonderful. Happy Animal Wednesday!!!

  4. Love your new thin brown papered journal!!!!! Cute squirrel...amd really cute sketch! We just got home from Louisiana and saw hummers outside at my brother and SIL's house! They are so enthralling....i am so happy on any occasion i get to see them!

  5. Oh what wonderful Animal pix. I love that Hummer with its head in the flower and I ADORE your Squirrel painting.. lovely job on that brown paper. HAW

  6. I love the photo of the Ducks in the duckweed, and your drawing. It was nice of you to show us how you annotate your book as well. You are an inspiration.

  7. Wow, your camera takes such awesome photos,you make me realize I need to get a new one. Love those hummingbird shots especially.


  8. Your dawing of the Squirrel is really good. And all the photos are really great, you must have a really good camera. I am not doing much today, it is just to hot. I will be going to pick up Finley from the groomers, and that will be the big event of my day. Have a great day, Mary

  9. nice squirrel painting and the new ntbk is cute. did you make it??

    1. No Suki, I bought it. But would have been easy enough to make. The cover has cloth on cardboard; and the holes are threaded with thick twine which is tied in front and can be loosened if things are added to pages and more room is needed.

  10. You saw lots of animals - and birds! Nice sketch of the squirrel. HAW to you!

  11. Hi Lynn! Great AW Post! Love your fabulous camera shots....that! All the photos are that Turtle, basking in the sun. The Squirrel, the Hummers, the Mum Duck and her Ducklings.....all are brimming with life! Your sketch of the Squirrel is AMAZING!!!!! the new notebook....

    HAW (belatedly)...and Kiss King Henry for me!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  12. Lynn these photos are fabulous!! Love the closeup of the squirrel and the illustration. Sad about that water...poor turtle, and ducks. Humming birds are so wonderful to watch. Have a great weekend!

    Hugs Giggles


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