Friday, September 21, 2012

How to upload photos from IPad to your blog!

Cris asked about
Adding multiple photos so I just added two old ones from my picasa web album. They can be seen down below.

I went to the Apple store in Denver, CO today with my cousin Barb. A very nice man taught me how to upload photos from my IPad to my blog.
Since several of you have or have had the same question I will share what I now know and it is easy.

First he set up a special blog address for an email to be delivered to my blog.

It was set in " settings" as lyn000(getting feet wet)
(the Lynooo is part of my email address in my account.

Then we START at PHOTOS on the IPad front page. Open it and select a photo or photos from the photo stream. Send them to your new blog email address. I called mine blog post.

You can then write the title of your blog post in the subject ioof the email

Then drop down to the body of the letter and write your blog story above or below your photo.

When done hit SEND!

It will now appear as your top blog post!

No more frustration posting on your blog from your car or from anywhere from your IPad.


  1. hahaha. well I guess I just do it at home....
    I was reading your post and DH came in and asked when I should take the train today , so I clicked the train company's URL and he asked who were those girls on your screen? I said girls? Oh you mean Lynn. So I clicked back and told him your age. He nearly fell of his chair!!!! He couldn't believe it.
    So dear across the ocean a man just gave you a compliment.
    Just wanted to share this. ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend♥

    1. Please give him a big kiss for me and a hug too! lOL

  2. Thanks Lynn, great photos too!! Both you and your cousin plus the illustration!! Thanks for sharing....could be a determining factor for me getting one!!

    Just read Mariannes comment....and I agree one hundred percent!! Lookin good ladies!! Helps to stay current and have good genes!!
    Hugs Giggles

    1. I'm glad I did. My world is huge and I would miss all of you terribly without this. A. Los the invention of face time is sheer miraculous if you ask me especially when oy comes to seeing and hearing babies when they live far away!

  3. Ha ha so you got away from home only to take home along with you. Modern technology is a blessing and a curse! What does Fred say about it all?

  4. When all else fails go to the store that makes the product and they will help you figure it out. :)) I knew you would get it working. Fun you can still go touring and drawing and share it with all of us as you go AND STILL watch the Scenery. :)))

  5. Thanks for sharing, and these images look great! Of course for when I get an ipad and iphone!

  6. that's awesome! no bug filled app needed!


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