Monday, September 3, 2012

Jalisco People Piling Up

I know this says Monday Lunch, but actually it was last Tuesday Lunch at Taco Jalisco's.
There were a lot of people there and I just grabbed them and put them all over the page.
I added watercolor later and some colored pencil over the paint too.
That's Carlos in the black shirt with his back to us on the far lower right taking an order!
He stopped by my table to peek at my pad and exclaim at how fast I was drawing.
I had time so I kept going with a second drawing on a different page that you see below.

The large lady on the left was right in front of me. I enjoyed giving her a quarter of my page...and her friend took up a bit of room too... But then there was room for a few smaller scenes from around the room so I fit them in in the remaining space! I was trying to do some contour drawing that I had seen on someone else's blog! So it's a little of that and a bit more of just my own style!
Ink pen, watercolor.
If I link this to 29 Faces in September
I am up to 18!!!!
Happy Monday!
Have a pleasant and creative week!


  1. That Jalisco's is a very busy place!

  2. Your drawings are always so full of energy. Btw do you ever have time to actually eat something there?!

  3. Great drawing here Lynn. I love the loose gestural way you work, lovely images and people. looks like you have fun doing it!
    have a good week there


  4. I think that large lady is so accurate. I love how it turned out! These are great! I'm curious if you eat there too!! Outside of the people, what is the allure!!
    Nice job!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. In answer to Allison and Giggles question about whether or not I actually eat at these places I am drawing:
    YES! I eat. At Jalisco's I always order the same thing. One fish taco and half an order of guacamole. They happen to make the very best guacamole I have ever eaten anywhere! And since avacado fat is good for you and I like it it makes a perfect easy thing to eat when drawing. A quick dip into it with a chip goes down quickly between pen strokes! And the fish is small cut up pieces I can quickly stab with a fork, pop in my mouth and return to drawing. I guess I have a rhythm. I eat slower than usual which is healthy too. So I get my lunch, get fed, and get to draw for an hour before going back to work. sometimes there are crumbs on my drawing or a drop of green avacado. I just rub it in with my finger for added "paint"! Now you know!

  6. Ah ha.. so that green shoulder just might be guacamole huh??? LOL Great drawings as usual. I saw you draw in person so I know how fast you can draw while doing something else. I cant concentrate with something else going on unless its music. Fred was the perfect accompaniment while drawing at the River. :))

  7. Love how you just grab a figure and tuck it in,,
    wherever it will fit on the page. A true montage of Jalisco patronage, a moment in time.
    Heck,they should pay you to draw there, you are the entertainment! I can imagine people coming to Jalisco's for lunch, hoping to be included in your drawings!

  8. Great drawings!
    When do you eat dear?

    1. Inbetween pen strokes!!! ;-) I do eat! And Draw! both! tee hee

  9. I like how you said grabbed them and put them on. Like the sketchbook is a bag stocked full of people, too cute.

  10. I love how you took the people in the room and created a work of art. There is so much story on these two paintings. I almost feel I can eavesdrop a bit. Beautifully done!
    Catherine Denton

  11. there is so much movement in your drawings ... wonderful scene - I wish I could pop in for lunch :)

  12. you would do so well with that daunting 29 face challenge! Nice work!

  13. What awesome drawings, I can just imagine those people,are they aware of you drawing them, or do you do secretly? Whenever I try and draw in public people always come up and make comments, which is very distracting. Love your work by the way

  14. Love this! It does feel like we get to be there too just by viewing your sketches. Very cool style

  15. I love the visual that goes with your title!

  16. Awesome! Maybe Jalisco could use your drawing for marketing, somehow... I want to go, but I'm too far away! :-D

  17. I am really loving all these drawings/sketches. And WOW! I can't believe the number of participants. Good Going, Ayala! Wish I had time to post on everyone's individual submissions.

  18. It looks really busy there, yes. I love how you gave that large lady almost half of your page :-)


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