Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Animal Wednesday As Seen Across The Plains

 These bovines were seen while driving in Utah on the way to the second fossil dig we did there...

hunting for and finding these prehistoric fish below. Here you see some of the ones DH discovered between slabs of limestone.

The rabbits were quite plentiful around Independence Rock, which we walked around on a pleasantly cool morning...

Prong Horns were also galloping around the same area that day.

These birds nests were high up in the rocks, but their dwellers had all fled the scene it seemed.

We saw buffalo in many places and in many states in our travels. I am not sure which these were.

It was fun to spy herds of wild turkey too.

This guy hopped a ride with us on the outside of our car. Not sure where we picked him up or where we left him off. I hope he enjoyed the trip as much as we did.

My driver, another animal of sorts, enjoying a rest at a pretty spot along the trail.

It was such a good trip. I'll be sharing more of it in photos now that I have down loaded over 1600 of them...boy a 16 GB memory card holds a lot of photos!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos!!!!!!! I loved seeing all those sweet faces! (Even Mr. Beetle is handsome!)

    Thank you for taking me along to parts of the country I have never seen! Looking forward to more! I hope you and your DH are recovering and..that King Henry V is back in his *Castle*!



    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. Wonderful animal shots!!!!

  3. Love your photos Lynn...looks like you had such a great time. I am amazed at how many photos you have taken!! wow, that must be some sort of record. Looking forward to seeing loads more.

  4. Incredible pictures, Lynn, the Big Country. The fish fossils are incredible!

  5. glorious. say, why can't i have a driver. ha ha. yes, I too love the fossils. they are so clear.

  6. I love fossil hunting! ...really enjoyed your fossil pics.

  7. what a terrific trip you had and such great pictures! I adore those fish fossils, they are just awesome and might try to paint those birds nest if you don't mind!

    1. Have at it Mim. Aren't they something?!

  8. I love that Jack Rabbit.. what a great shot. all the photos are great. so is the photo of Fred standing by that River with those trees.... awesome shot.HAW

  9. ...the big wide beautiful lands ~ such diverse beauty!... ...thankyoU! ~ for this share! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred!...(: ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  10. How exciting to see all of this wildlife. Such beautiful areas you got to explore.


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