Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Eye of The Needle

 Traveling through the Black Hills of South Dakota and coming across the Needles Highway is one of the most awesome sights to behold. The formation above is known as
The Eye of The Needle.

Below is my meager quickly sketched rendition of these amazing rock formations...done quickly in the car while driving by...

This is my forth time crossing this highway and each time I am blown away as I was on the first time

I think you can see why...


  1. Fantastic scenes, Lynn. Whenever I think of the Black Hills of Dakota, I think of Doris Day singing in 'Calamity Jane'.

  2. just amazing thanks for the ride

  3. Awwww....what a gorgeous place. (I'm now stuck singing the Black Hills of Dakota...thanks for that!).

  4. my favorite is the tiny tunnel in the rock! looks like someone punched a hole just big enough for a car to get through -- but no wider!

  5. wow.. great photos but even greater quick sketch driving by. you captured the peaks and valleys wonderfully. Amazing country we have in the USA. I can see why you would be blown away each time you saw it.

  6. Wow - such peaks!! How wonderful!

    and I just wonder.... did you get through? wow!

  7. Thanks for sharing your vacation, lovely art and photos!


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