Saturday, October 13, 2012

Buffalo Round Up

 We got up at dark thirty around 4 a.m.
 We watched the sun come up as we joined the long line of cars slowly making their way into Custer State Park to the place where the Buffalo round up would be taking place.

Cowboys on horses and spectators in cars...

After parking finding the important "facilities" before finding a place to land and watch...

Joining the breakfast lines for pancakes and coffee...

Cowpokes came from all over the country to watch...some bought sweatshirts commerating the day!

Some huddled up on this hill over looking the parire land where the buffalos roam...

We sat with this group on our own little hillick...

Everyone was in their own state of readiness...

And their own kinds of outfits...

I have a fondness for cowboys with big mustashes...

And after much waiting, around 11:30 a.m. we finally saw them coming...

The cowboys did what cowboys do to round 'em up... ( I do not believe any animals were hurt in this endeavor)

It gave you a sense of pride being a part of the Ole West!

And reminded you that Buffalo are VERY BIG!

And very impressive!

This group was smarter than the rest and decided to try and get away up this hill...

But the cowboys, horses, and trucks finally rounded them all up...

and brought them to the corrals where they were given their shots, some were to be auctioned off to private farms...some I guess for meat, some for herds.

And many were returned to the park to roam freely until next years round up.

DH took video while I took stills...

We walked over these fields to get to the corrals to see the buffalo close up...

And took some more photos...

We really got our exercise on this day...

I highly recommend the annual Buffalo Round up In South Dakota...Next year will be #48~


  1. Did it make you want to haller Yahooo, ride em cowboys?? Looks like fun to me.

  2. Breathtaking photos!! Wow and you and hubby are so cute!! You are sooo young looking Lynn!! Very inspiring!! Love the pink impressive!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Wow this looks very impressive!!! What a wonderful picture story!
    You said you could see them close, aren't they dangerous? (guess stupid question)
    They look so big and impressive but they are probably very nice.
    Hope you are still relaxing dear
    have a good weekend♥

    1. Yes, Marianne buffalo/ bison can be very dangerous. They are huge, strong, and fast.if their tail is down they are calm, if it goes up you want to be inside your car, away from them. They are ready to charge. I have a long zoom on my camera, I was a safe distance from them while taking photos.

  4. a unique experience. amazing animals. i've never seen them so close up. hey, love your sweatshirt.

  5. What fabulous photos. I can feel the emotions everyone felt as they heard the rumble of the herd heading their way when they finally got there. But what a long wait sitting there for them to come. When You said a lot were out there watching I didn't realize HOW many A LOT were. Anyway what a fun experience getting to see and experience all that. BTW I've been told that Buffalo are really called Bison. But somehow the song... where the deer and the 'Bison' roam wouldnt sound as good. lol

  6. Pretty pictures, great story on this spectacular event, I like. Greetings.

  7. Fabulous photos, how wonderful to be able to see it in real life! Thanks for sharing! Valerie

  8. Lynn, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your photos of your western trip. It's my favorite vacation area. Your buffalo roundup photos are excellent. I see several in there that would make outstanding paintings, especially the one of the buffalos with the word: impressive over it. Also the sunrise photo would make a wonderful painting. Thanks for sharing. We really felt like we were there.

  9. Wow! Lynn ~ awesome event and fantastic photography ~ !!!!!!!! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  10. I think you were SO lucky to go to that. Love all your photographs, looks like it was a very well managed round up, what a spectacle to see.

  11. Wow, this looks interesting, i would love to paint a buffalo! Great photos!

  12. That was cool!!! The buffalo are so beautiful. Is that some gorgeous embroidery on your jacket???

  13. oh how super cool to witness this!!!! wow wow and wow!!!!

  14. Who knew!? Well, obviously you did. I particularly love that photo of the lone cowboy astride his horse in front of the dusty buffalo herd.

  15. lynn, thank you for dropping by my blog and loving my pink flowers. this has brought me to visit you today, too, and wow! what you shared is soooo awesome! i grew up (and is based for now) in asia and well, cowboys and buffaloes are not in my world. i only see these in the movies :) ... so i feel so privileged to view this event through your great pics! i never realized there are still so many buffaloes around there. enjoy your weekend! alpha


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