Sunday, October 14, 2012

Final Pages of My Travel Art Journal for Sunday Sketchers

 Because we both became ill in the third week of our trip we had to make the decision to abandon week fours plans to go to Portland, Oregon to visit family. We were so looking forward to spending time with our year old grand daughter, Allie, and with my son, daughter in law and two older grandchildren there. We'd put aside five days to do just that! 

The bottom pictures show the motel room where we stayed (on the right) and the laundry we visited to wash our clothes on the left. Not as pretty as all the nature we'd been seeing.
In fact, if you want to see more of that in drawings and photos scroll back a few weeks worth of posts on my blog.

But instead, so as not to bring the sickness to family; or to the friends we'd hoped to visit on the way home from there (Cris and Con in Roseburg; Sam in Glide and cousin Betsy in Ashland, Oregon) we chose a different direction and headed to Idaho. We drove through miles of farmland and saw tons of hay stacks like the ones in the top of these two pages.

We skipped hunting for Sapphires, but we did visit Phillipsburg where they had the sapphire places to pan for them. Phillipsburg is a charming small town, where the main street buildings are all very old, but brightly painted, and inside house small businesses, an art gallery, an antique store, a thrift store, etc. all of which were exceedingly neat and orderly. I was sure each proprietor had OCD they were so neat.

The picture below shows one of the many very nice, clean rest stops we stopped at along the many miles we traveled, over 6 thousand miles in all. 

I may have shown this painting somewhere else already but I really like it. The sun is setting over my husband's head, and that is how he holds his hands while driving. And who else was I supposed to draw while driving?

Here we are getting closer to home. The stop at the California Trail Interpretive Center was well worth the visit. It's an amazing small museum tucked into the hills in Nevada on near Elko on I-80.

And finally the last page. I hope you can read it as I have no strength left for adding more words here.
I hope you enjoyed the trip. We sure did.

And now we continue to recuperate from what ever virus got us. However, I do plan to go back to work tomorrow and hope life gets back to normal. But I have to say this was one of the most spectacular trips we have ever taken. We hope to do it all again before too terribly long. I will continue to post photos from places we visited in future blog posts too. Thanks for all the fun comments you have left me along the way, they are much appreciated.

I just learned that I am one of the featured artists over at Seth Apters Blog, The Altered Page today~
Go see (click on the purple words for Seth's blog):


  1. have enjoyed viewing your travels through your artists' eye.

  2. Fun to travel with you. Henry looks so happy to have you home. :)

  3. Wonderful sketches as always Lynn. Do you know about Urban Sketchers? They have a facebook page you can join that gets a bit of traffic, and their flickr page gets lots of traffic. It's basically 'plein-air cityscape sketching'.

    1. Thanks for this info Nora. I do look in on Urban Sketchers but wasn't sure I was up to snuff for them or not. What a compliment for you to say I am. ;-)))

  4. Hi Lynn: I really enjoy your art! The faces are spectacular and so full of meaning and relevance. i can feel the emotion "right" there! What a gift...faces are so difficult (I find.) Your look is unique and extremely refreshing; I am so blessed that your comment brought me to you. I shall look for you in the future and find out all the things I do not know (from you!) i want to go through your blog and see the other pics, so I must go and click your heading, which I LOVE! Kisses, Samara

  5. Wow, over 6,000 miles!! That's how many miles it is to go from one side of the country and back!

    Your journey looks wonderful. I have popped in and viewed the sketches without commenting as time is always crunched on my workdays. I really am inspired by your journaling!

    Henry V looks very happy above :)

    I'm so sorry you had to cancel a very important part of your trip :(

  6. Hi Lynn..... Wow, what an amazing journey! I'm so sorry that you had to cut the trip short. Being sick is difficult at home, I can't imagine how that felt being on the road. I hope you are both good as new by now and enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather. Hugs!

  7. You recorded your journey with a very special way. I like it so much. It will be so much fun one day when you will read your book when you are old.

    Thanks for sharing.


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