Monday, October 15, 2012

Fort Casper, Wyoming

One of the perks of being married to an historian/history buff/ history teacher is that you get a lot of information visiting places like this and you don't have to read the little informational signs they post there for you. Because he knows it ALL!

I was very taken by the neatness the soldiers kept their living dwellings in the fort.

It really is a nicely kept museum.

I especially like the store and all it's provisions.

And imagining an early evening game of checkers before going to bed.

This original wooden bridge was the way the Native Americans traveled to places like Big Horn and other sacred places they wanted to visit.

DH stood there a really long time imagining it all. I do believe he has a talent for taking himself back in time and feels as though he is one of them from that earlier place and those events.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the little museum inside where I found this dress made up of articles from the local newspaper of the day. I was curious what techniques they used back then for transferring the newsprint to cloth.

It reminds me of people today who make wearable art!

Native American beading art is wonderful to see.

And a dapper hat is always fun to find too!

Westward Ho!


  1. Ha, CASPER, WY, what a neat name. Lol

    Thanks so much for your support during this stressful episode in our lives.


  2. That looked such a great place Lynn. The hat suited your husband..

  3. i love historical places like that. you are lucky not to have to read all about it, but just listen. Ha ha.

  4. Looks like DH was having the time of his life. Fun that he can go and be as one with History for a little while.

  5. Lucky you to have your own historian. I have never been through these states. What fun this would have been for me too.

  6. Did that newspaper to fabric transfer involve alcohol??? We have transferred newsprint to our fingernails using alcohol. How fun this must have been for the ladies of that time!!!

    1. Julie I asked the docent there, but she didn't know how it was done. At first she thought it was just paper, but I could see it was cloth!


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